Tuesday, December 26, 2006

A Christmas Story

Today is the 26th of December. We had a wonderful Christmas as usual. As a family in general our traditions include having Dinner Christmas Eve with all the family and the dinner must include Lasagna and Galic Cheese Bread. We opened presents and discuss Santa and what suprises he may fill the stockings with. It is sad in my opinion that kids today seem to not know what the spirit of Chirstmas is. They know that they are to get stuff and get upset when it is not delivered. We try (sometime without much luck) to get the kids to uderstand the meaning of christmas and why we originally started celebrating this holiday. But all in all we had a wonderful holiday. I think that it is sad that we as a society seem to be in a big hurry to rush back off to work or shopping (as it seems quite a lot of people seemed to do today). But for Mike and me, we ALWAYS take this week between Christmas and New Years off to be with our family. Today I found myself curled up on the couch watching movies, watching the kids play with their new toys and listening to my husband pounding in the basement. We spent the day together (well at least under the same roof) as I feel it should be spent. That is, all but Felicia who does not get the luxury of vacations just yet.

While I site here tapping away on the keys of this computer, Mike watching a movie given to him for Christmas, and Devin & Mikayla playing upstairs (making such thudding noise it seems like they will come through the ceiling), and of course Felicia at work. I have a warm feeling of content, of feeling full and complete. Thinking I should go out and do something and then realize I am doing something. I am spending time with my kids and husband. Something we rarely get to do these days with work, sports, and friends.

My Little Girls 18th Birthday

12-16-06 - My internet is down so I thought I would write notes to post at a later date. My little girl is 18 today, it seems like it was just yesterday you were this little 2 foot (small for your age) three year old. Constantly by my side, everywhere I went you wanted to be with me. Now 18 your father and I barely see you with school, work, and friends taking so much of your time. I can not help but feel sad as I see in your father’s eyes how he hurts to see you grow up. You hear him yelling and arguing with you when in fact he is fighting you growing up. He wants his baby girl back, the one who was not afraid to show everyone she needed her daddy, the one who he would give huge Mohawks to in the bath, the one who would take naps with her daddy in the afternoon when he came one from work, the one who always showed excitement and unconditional love to and made him smile no matter how bad his day was. How I wish for you to hear me to stop and enjoy your youth. But as with all teens (your mother included) we feel this great desire to be an adult, be out there on our own, making our own mistakes and decisions. I too know these desires and as much as I want to take you close and protect you from that evil outside world I can not. I can only keep talking to you hoping you listen to my mistakes, adventures, and feelings and take them to heart as your have your own mistakes, adventures, and feelings. I only wish for you on this 18th birthday joy and happiness that only youth can know. Try not growing up so fast, as a matter of fact try not growing up at all stay a kid as long as you can, if no where else at least in your heart.

But most of all Felicia we want you to know how extremely proud of you we are. You are strong willed, have a huge heart, a beautiful sole and a brilliant mind. We love you and wish you a very happy birthday.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

My Little Boy in Turning Into a Teenager

My little boy is growing up soooo fast. He is now a Jr. Jag Wrestler. All his idea as I have no idea what goes on in teaching kids how to wrestle. Give me baseball, soccer, or any track event I am there but wrestling I know nothing. But he loves it. His first meet was last weekend and I believe he learned more that day than any of his practices. He learned humility and that he cannot always win! I was so PROUD of him and his coach is absolutely amazing. Devin came in after his second loss of the day and was ready to quite and his coach came up to him sat and talked what seemed for ever. The next thing I knew Devin was puttinghis gear back on, shoes back on and got ready to do his 3rd and final match. I still have no idea what was said (and I am sure I do not want to know) but Devin not only went out and scored over 9 points he pinned his opponent inthe first period! He ended up third overall. He has learned that you cannot always win, and when someone throws something new at you to not FREAK out.

And after the next practice we actually had a good conversation about school, wrestling, and GIRLS! Oh, my did I not really want that last one. He informed me that there IS a girl he had a crush on but not any more. But that alone tells me he is getting interested in girls. Now any Mom who has boys will tell you they are always you little baby boys no matter how old they are or think they are. And now I have to let him go and experience girls!

Oh my goodness my little boy is growing up to be a little man. A whole new set of emotions and events to get ready for.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

And let the Holiday's Begin

There are very few times a year that Mike’s family actually gets together, and Thanksgiving is one of them. The kids get to reacquaint themselves with their cousins and the adults spend hours catching up on life events that have occurred since our last meeting. These events always happen simultaneously to Linda’s arrival (Mike’s Sister who lives in Georgia). I have been trying over the years to get him to visit family more often. Some years I succeed and others, well not so much. This Thanksgiving I am thankful for my family. It seems that the older I get the more I want my family close. So much so that this past summer I packed my husband and kids and flew up to New York to visit family that they have never met and most I have not seen since I was 16. They met their great grandmother, great uncles and aunts, and cousins some of which I did not even know I had.

I am thankful for my kids who seem to think it is their job to keep me on my toes.....

I am thankful for my puppies who greet me every day with pure excitement and unconditional love.....

I am thankful for my adorable husband who makes everyday an adventure........

Although the holidays are stressful to some. I absolutely love them as I get to be with family and close friends. And there is NEVER a shortage of food.

The Wax Museum

As those of you who have had or currently have grade school children are well aware of the WAX MUSEUM that is performed usually in the 5th grade. This is how it goes for those of you who have not experienced this just yet:

First your child has to pick a person in history that interests them. Make a backdrop of items that pertain to said person. Learn as much as possible about said person. Make a costume to resemble this person. Then one day they have to become this person. Parents and other children that attend their school wander through your child’s class pressing hand made buttons on their desks (all the while your child is standing/sitting motionless). Then bang they come to life pouring out all the information that they have discovered about their person in history.

Mikayla’s person was Christopher Columbus. She spent weeks digging through old Halloween Costumes to come up with her version of Christopher Columbus. She was so excited when Mike said that he would attend this event. Lucky for me he was on vacation. He was a proud daddy this day as he watched he youngest pour out her information regarding her person in history. One would have to giggle listening to him tell his story of how the events went “the other parents and I wondered around the room pressing buttons and listening to the stories the kids had to tell. Then all of a sudden a rush of kids came in the room, the other parents and I just stood there staring at each other as we had no idea what to do next and could barely move out of the way”. He said he melted into the walls and made way for the door to escape the mass of children poring into this small classroom. I told him “Welcome to my world”
I do believe this is one of his first classroom experiences.

Monday, November 20, 2006

The Great Sphinx of Giza

I thought I lost mother of the year for sure. Devin had a Science project which was to make a 3-D Egyptian item which represented a culture from that time period. He want to make a Crook and Flail, I had no idea what to use to make this item. For those of you who do not know what this is (I did not at first) here is a picture:

Anyway, Devin and I could not figure out what to make this with (actually to not spend a fortune making) so we opted to make the Sphinx of Giza. I thought that it would be a lot easier to find floral foam and less expensive. So off Devin went and for days he was carving and carving getting green floral foam all over our dining room. He was so proud of his work.

THEN Mom came along thinking I was helping. As we all know the Giza was not green. I bought a can of stone spray paint, took Devin’s creation into the basement and sprayed away. To my horror I heard fizzling sounds coming from Devin’s beautifully detailed carving. It was melting right before my eyes. So I grabbed some tissue and tried to put a stop to the awful sound. Luckily it did not totally destroy the face. I of course emailed his teacher first thing the next morning to tell her of what I did. Bless her heart she emailed back saying that I did not ruin his project and as best she can tell he was getting an A.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Mom's Taxi Company

Do you ever feel all you do is taxi people around? I do, it seems that the kids always need a ride here or there for something or another......
Yesterday was a busy day first thing in the morning Mikayla’s school had a Veteran’s Day Service. Normally the school has the National Guard come in to perform Color Guard duties this year the kids performed the duties of the Color Guard. Mikayla was one of five chosen. She was soooooo happy and she worked vary hard in practice. The Principal stated that this service was his way of making sure that the kids learn what a veteran is and who they are and what they stand for. I will have to say I was also quite proud of her, she marched when she was supposed to march, the flags never fell, and she stood at perfect attention.
Then it was off to work for a few hours. Then about 4pm Devin had to be at the Dentist which he was not happy about. Mr. Candy Man had to get 2 teeth pulled, and he put up a fight (until we arrived at the dentist office). He lost….. Then home, dinner, clean up, and THEN Mikayla had a school outing to the skating rink! What a day.... did I mention I am soooo glad Felicia drives now, she had to be at work by 5pm. I am sure I have and probably will some more.

Speaking of Felicia she received her first acceptance letter to collage! Truman jumped in first with money to boot. Mike and I are so proud of her and her efforts in school. Definitely an over achiever, which it seems that quite a few of her graduating class is. And anyone that knows Felicia knows she is Miss Competitive, which has put her in the top 6 percent of her class this she is not happy with as she wanted to be higher. I can see her point as she has always gotten A's in all subjects, even in the college classes she takes and has taken.
Today she is getting her senior pictures taken; we have been hit up for cap and gown money, and have just received information regarding her Graduation Notices. Money Money Money. I do not remember my senior year costing so much.

Now a picture of our babies when they were babies! Yes, I am again reminiscing, but are they not too cute?

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Attack of the Hives

Well I will have to say this was definately a first for me. I have never personnaly had a case of the hives and no PERSON I know has had them. But our poor Budwiser came down with a major case of them. It all started with an innocent trip to the vet for Budwiser and Bailey's yearly shots. He weighed in at a respectable 13 pounds and 6 ounces and Bailey at just under 12 pounds. They received their shots like champs. No howling, crying or whimping. We did dicuss possible reactions with the vet as we have heard of Minature Dachshunds have problems with their shots. Doc said if we were worried to just give them a childrens Benadril. And as a good mom and dad we did just that promptly when we got home. Now as I have said before I have 3 very busy kids and this particular night was no different. Devin had wrestling practice so off I went to take him to the high school and drop him off (he does not want me to stay and watch), came home, ate some dinner, sat on the couch to breath for a moment and then had to scoot back up to the school to pick Devin up at 8 pm.
Now somewhere between 7:45 and 8:15 (which is the time I arrived back home) our little Buddy's face BLEW UP like a balloon and his body turned into cottage cheese! He was absolutly misserable. We of course immediately trotted off to the local all night Animal Hospital where Budwiser had to again endure another shot. But as usual he took it like a champ!

His poor face did not go back to normal for another 24 hours. But the cottage cheese body was gone by morning.

I fell very bad for anyone who has to go through this. I am very glad we have not encountered any allergies in our human family that does this. Mikayla would not even go near Buddy until the swelling went down and every time she looked at him she cried. Off to work.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

The Great Pumpkin

It is happening, as much as I try fighting it, my "babies" are growing up. How depressing is it that our yearly adventure to the Great Pumpkin Patch is down to just two of us. Mike, Devin and Felicia have all decided that they are too old or too busy to attend the pumpkin patch with their mom.

Lucky for me Mikayla is still interested in walking the aisles and aisles of pumpkins dodging stray children and lost parents who are looking for that absolutely one perfect pumpkin, trying to squeeze in that last pony ride, and to get a belly full of funnel cake.

Today was that day for us, we decided that we would tackle one more year together and search for the "Great Pumpkin". She spotted a man walking with a slightly green pumpkin and commented how diferent it looked and that she wanted to find another like it. I told her the green would add character and that would be a great idea. The man just happen to hear our conversation about his "Great Pumpkin" and shouts back a huge thank you. He said that his kids were all telling him it was ugly.

So the hunt was on and finally after searching over ten different green pumpkins she found her "Great Pumpkin". But alas we did not have a buggy (something very coveted at a pumpkin patch). So as she sat garding her find as I ventured off to the parking lot and survey all areas for an abandond buggy. Finally down the third double row of cars EUREKA I finally found a buggy.

We paddled our way to the check out, drove home discussing our day and showed our prizes when we returned home. You can still see it in their eyes that in their hearts they wated to have gone with us to try and find their own "Great Pumpkin".

Tree Rocking

I am mom to 3 VERY busy kids and wife to an even busier man. And sometimes (very rarely) I get time to myself and the change to just sit in my back yard and stare at the trees (something that calms me) and just rock. Rocking is a wonder ful stress reliever, you emty your head of all thoughts listen to the trees, rest your hands in your lap, watch the trees and before you know it you are rocking with the trees. Your pulse and heart rate slow, your head is clear, and you really do feel calm and peaceful.

My childeren are NOW 17, 12 and 10 (so I rock a lot). Each are as different as any stanger. They all have differnt likes, hobbies, dress, manners, and EVERYTHING. And of course they all have their activities they need rides for. Do you ever wonder how anyone else does it. I mean really, at one time all three decided that they wanted to play soccer. Which I was all for it you know; great outside activity and socializing, etc. No one bothered to inform me that with different age groups will be different soccer parks! I actually never got to watch a game as it was a 20 minute dive one way between Parks. We attempted this arrangement for only two seasons. I am soooooo thankful that Felicia drives now.

And you wonder why I rock!!!!