Thursday, November 09, 2006

Attack of the Hives

Well I will have to say this was definately a first for me. I have never personnaly had a case of the hives and no PERSON I know has had them. But our poor Budwiser came down with a major case of them. It all started with an innocent trip to the vet for Budwiser and Bailey's yearly shots. He weighed in at a respectable 13 pounds and 6 ounces and Bailey at just under 12 pounds. They received their shots like champs. No howling, crying or whimping. We did dicuss possible reactions with the vet as we have heard of Minature Dachshunds have problems with their shots. Doc said if we were worried to just give them a childrens Benadril. And as a good mom and dad we did just that promptly when we got home. Now as I have said before I have 3 very busy kids and this particular night was no different. Devin had wrestling practice so off I went to take him to the high school and drop him off (he does not want me to stay and watch), came home, ate some dinner, sat on the couch to breath for a moment and then had to scoot back up to the school to pick Devin up at 8 pm.
Now somewhere between 7:45 and 8:15 (which is the time I arrived back home) our little Buddy's face BLEW UP like a balloon and his body turned into cottage cheese! He was absolutly misserable. We of course immediately trotted off to the local all night Animal Hospital where Budwiser had to again endure another shot. But as usual he took it like a champ!

His poor face did not go back to normal for another 24 hours. But the cottage cheese body was gone by morning.

I fell very bad for anyone who has to go through this. I am very glad we have not encountered any allergies in our human family that does this. Mikayla would not even go near Buddy until the swelling went down and every time she looked at him she cried. Off to work.

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