Friday, November 10, 2006

Mom's Taxi Company

Do you ever feel all you do is taxi people around? I do, it seems that the kids always need a ride here or there for something or another......
Yesterday was a busy day first thing in the morning Mikayla’s school had a Veteran’s Day Service. Normally the school has the National Guard come in to perform Color Guard duties this year the kids performed the duties of the Color Guard. Mikayla was one of five chosen. She was soooooo happy and she worked vary hard in practice. The Principal stated that this service was his way of making sure that the kids learn what a veteran is and who they are and what they stand for. I will have to say I was also quite proud of her, she marched when she was supposed to march, the flags never fell, and she stood at perfect attention.
Then it was off to work for a few hours. Then about 4pm Devin had to be at the Dentist which he was not happy about. Mr. Candy Man had to get 2 teeth pulled, and he put up a fight (until we arrived at the dentist office). He lost….. Then home, dinner, clean up, and THEN Mikayla had a school outing to the skating rink! What a day.... did I mention I am soooo glad Felicia drives now, she had to be at work by 5pm. I am sure I have and probably will some more.

Speaking of Felicia she received her first acceptance letter to collage! Truman jumped in first with money to boot. Mike and I are so proud of her and her efforts in school. Definitely an over achiever, which it seems that quite a few of her graduating class is. And anyone that knows Felicia knows she is Miss Competitive, which has put her in the top 6 percent of her class this she is not happy with as she wanted to be higher. I can see her point as she has always gotten A's in all subjects, even in the college classes she takes and has taken.
Today she is getting her senior pictures taken; we have been hit up for cap and gown money, and have just received information regarding her Graduation Notices. Money Money Money. I do not remember my senior year costing so much.

Now a picture of our babies when they were babies! Yes, I am again reminiscing, but are they not too cute?

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