Thursday, November 23, 2006

The Wax Museum

As those of you who have had or currently have grade school children are well aware of the WAX MUSEUM that is performed usually in the 5th grade. This is how it goes for those of you who have not experienced this just yet:

First your child has to pick a person in history that interests them. Make a backdrop of items that pertain to said person. Learn as much as possible about said person. Make a costume to resemble this person. Then one day they have to become this person. Parents and other children that attend their school wander through your child’s class pressing hand made buttons on their desks (all the while your child is standing/sitting motionless). Then bang they come to life pouring out all the information that they have discovered about their person in history.

Mikayla’s person was Christopher Columbus. She spent weeks digging through old Halloween Costumes to come up with her version of Christopher Columbus. She was so excited when Mike said that he would attend this event. Lucky for me he was on vacation. He was a proud daddy this day as he watched he youngest pour out her information regarding her person in history. One would have to giggle listening to him tell his story of how the events went “the other parents and I wondered around the room pressing buttons and listening to the stories the kids had to tell. Then all of a sudden a rush of kids came in the room, the other parents and I just stood there staring at each other as we had no idea what to do next and could barely move out of the way”. He said he melted into the walls and made way for the door to escape the mass of children poring into this small classroom. I told him “Welcome to my world”
I do believe this is one of his first classroom experiences.

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