Tuesday, December 26, 2006

A Christmas Story

Today is the 26th of December. We had a wonderful Christmas as usual. As a family in general our traditions include having Dinner Christmas Eve with all the family and the dinner must include Lasagna and Galic Cheese Bread. We opened presents and discuss Santa and what suprises he may fill the stockings with. It is sad in my opinion that kids today seem to not know what the spirit of Chirstmas is. They know that they are to get stuff and get upset when it is not delivered. We try (sometime without much luck) to get the kids to uderstand the meaning of christmas and why we originally started celebrating this holiday. But all in all we had a wonderful holiday. I think that it is sad that we as a society seem to be in a big hurry to rush back off to work or shopping (as it seems quite a lot of people seemed to do today). But for Mike and me, we ALWAYS take this week between Christmas and New Years off to be with our family. Today I found myself curled up on the couch watching movies, watching the kids play with their new toys and listening to my husband pounding in the basement. We spent the day together (well at least under the same roof) as I feel it should be spent. That is, all but Felicia who does not get the luxury of vacations just yet.

While I site here tapping away on the keys of this computer, Mike watching a movie given to him for Christmas, and Devin & Mikayla playing upstairs (making such thudding noise it seems like they will come through the ceiling), and of course Felicia at work. I have a warm feeling of content, of feeling full and complete. Thinking I should go out and do something and then realize I am doing something. I am spending time with my kids and husband. Something we rarely get to do these days with work, sports, and friends.

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