Sunday, December 03, 2006

My Little Boy in Turning Into a Teenager

My little boy is growing up soooo fast. He is now a Jr. Jag Wrestler. All his idea as I have no idea what goes on in teaching kids how to wrestle. Give me baseball, soccer, or any track event I am there but wrestling I know nothing. But he loves it. His first meet was last weekend and I believe he learned more that day than any of his practices. He learned humility and that he cannot always win! I was so PROUD of him and his coach is absolutely amazing. Devin came in after his second loss of the day and was ready to quite and his coach came up to him sat and talked what seemed for ever. The next thing I knew Devin was puttinghis gear back on, shoes back on and got ready to do his 3rd and final match. I still have no idea what was said (and I am sure I do not want to know) but Devin not only went out and scored over 9 points he pinned his opponent inthe first period! He ended up third overall. He has learned that you cannot always win, and when someone throws something new at you to not FREAK out.

And after the next practice we actually had a good conversation about school, wrestling, and GIRLS! Oh, my did I not really want that last one. He informed me that there IS a girl he had a crush on but not any more. But that alone tells me he is getting interested in girls. Now any Mom who has boys will tell you they are always you little baby boys no matter how old they are or think they are. And now I have to let him go and experience girls!

Oh my goodness my little boy is growing up to be a little man. A whole new set of emotions and events to get ready for.

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Felicia said...

I think its really cool how into devin's wrestling you are! Have fun!