Sunday, October 29, 2006

The Great Pumpkin

It is happening, as much as I try fighting it, my "babies" are growing up. How depressing is it that our yearly adventure to the Great Pumpkin Patch is down to just two of us. Mike, Devin and Felicia have all decided that they are too old or too busy to attend the pumpkin patch with their mom.

Lucky for me Mikayla is still interested in walking the aisles and aisles of pumpkins dodging stray children and lost parents who are looking for that absolutely one perfect pumpkin, trying to squeeze in that last pony ride, and to get a belly full of funnel cake.

Today was that day for us, we decided that we would tackle one more year together and search for the "Great Pumpkin". She spotted a man walking with a slightly green pumpkin and commented how diferent it looked and that she wanted to find another like it. I told her the green would add character and that would be a great idea. The man just happen to hear our conversation about his "Great Pumpkin" and shouts back a huge thank you. He said that his kids were all telling him it was ugly.

So the hunt was on and finally after searching over ten different green pumpkins she found her "Great Pumpkin". But alas we did not have a buggy (something very coveted at a pumpkin patch). So as she sat garding her find as I ventured off to the parking lot and survey all areas for an abandond buggy. Finally down the third double row of cars EUREKA I finally found a buggy.

We paddled our way to the check out, drove home discussing our day and showed our prizes when we returned home. You can still see it in their eyes that in their hearts they wated to have gone with us to try and find their own "Great Pumpkin".

Tree Rocking

I am mom to 3 VERY busy kids and wife to an even busier man. And sometimes (very rarely) I get time to myself and the change to just sit in my back yard and stare at the trees (something that calms me) and just rock. Rocking is a wonder ful stress reliever, you emty your head of all thoughts listen to the trees, rest your hands in your lap, watch the trees and before you know it you are rocking with the trees. Your pulse and heart rate slow, your head is clear, and you really do feel calm and peaceful.

My childeren are NOW 17, 12 and 10 (so I rock a lot). Each are as different as any stanger. They all have differnt likes, hobbies, dress, manners, and EVERYTHING. And of course they all have their activities they need rides for. Do you ever wonder how anyone else does it. I mean really, at one time all three decided that they wanted to play soccer. Which I was all for it you know; great outside activity and socializing, etc. No one bothered to inform me that with different age groups will be different soccer parks! I actually never got to watch a game as it was a 20 minute dive one way between Parks. We attempted this arrangement for only two seasons. I am soooooo thankful that Felicia drives now.

And you wonder why I rock!!!!