Tuesday, December 26, 2006

A Christmas Story

Today is the 26th of December. We had a wonderful Christmas as usual. As a family in general our traditions include having Dinner Christmas Eve with all the family and the dinner must include Lasagna and Galic Cheese Bread. We opened presents and discuss Santa and what suprises he may fill the stockings with. It is sad in my opinion that kids today seem to not know what the spirit of Chirstmas is. They know that they are to get stuff and get upset when it is not delivered. We try (sometime without much luck) to get the kids to uderstand the meaning of christmas and why we originally started celebrating this holiday. But all in all we had a wonderful holiday. I think that it is sad that we as a society seem to be in a big hurry to rush back off to work or shopping (as it seems quite a lot of people seemed to do today). But for Mike and me, we ALWAYS take this week between Christmas and New Years off to be with our family. Today I found myself curled up on the couch watching movies, watching the kids play with their new toys and listening to my husband pounding in the basement. We spent the day together (well at least under the same roof) as I feel it should be spent. That is, all but Felicia who does not get the luxury of vacations just yet.

While I site here tapping away on the keys of this computer, Mike watching a movie given to him for Christmas, and Devin & Mikayla playing upstairs (making such thudding noise it seems like they will come through the ceiling), and of course Felicia at work. I have a warm feeling of content, of feeling full and complete. Thinking I should go out and do something and then realize I am doing something. I am spending time with my kids and husband. Something we rarely get to do these days with work, sports, and friends.

My Little Girls 18th Birthday

12-16-06 - My internet is down so I thought I would write notes to post at a later date. My little girl is 18 today, it seems like it was just yesterday you were this little 2 foot (small for your age) three year old. Constantly by my side, everywhere I went you wanted to be with me. Now 18 your father and I barely see you with school, work, and friends taking so much of your time. I can not help but feel sad as I see in your father’s eyes how he hurts to see you grow up. You hear him yelling and arguing with you when in fact he is fighting you growing up. He wants his baby girl back, the one who was not afraid to show everyone she needed her daddy, the one who he would give huge Mohawks to in the bath, the one who would take naps with her daddy in the afternoon when he came one from work, the one who always showed excitement and unconditional love to and made him smile no matter how bad his day was. How I wish for you to hear me to stop and enjoy your youth. But as with all teens (your mother included) we feel this great desire to be an adult, be out there on our own, making our own mistakes and decisions. I too know these desires and as much as I want to take you close and protect you from that evil outside world I can not. I can only keep talking to you hoping you listen to my mistakes, adventures, and feelings and take them to heart as your have your own mistakes, adventures, and feelings. I only wish for you on this 18th birthday joy and happiness that only youth can know. Try not growing up so fast, as a matter of fact try not growing up at all stay a kid as long as you can, if no where else at least in your heart.

But most of all Felicia we want you to know how extremely proud of you we are. You are strong willed, have a huge heart, a beautiful sole and a brilliant mind. We love you and wish you a very happy birthday.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

My Little Boy in Turning Into a Teenager

My little boy is growing up soooo fast. He is now a Jr. Jag Wrestler. All his idea as I have no idea what goes on in teaching kids how to wrestle. Give me baseball, soccer, or any track event I am there but wrestling I know nothing. But he loves it. His first meet was last weekend and I believe he learned more that day than any of his practices. He learned humility and that he cannot always win! I was so PROUD of him and his coach is absolutely amazing. Devin came in after his second loss of the day and was ready to quite and his coach came up to him sat and talked what seemed for ever. The next thing I knew Devin was puttinghis gear back on, shoes back on and got ready to do his 3rd and final match. I still have no idea what was said (and I am sure I do not want to know) but Devin not only went out and scored over 9 points he pinned his opponent inthe first period! He ended up third overall. He has learned that you cannot always win, and when someone throws something new at you to not FREAK out.

And after the next practice we actually had a good conversation about school, wrestling, and GIRLS! Oh, my did I not really want that last one. He informed me that there IS a girl he had a crush on but not any more. But that alone tells me he is getting interested in girls. Now any Mom who has boys will tell you they are always you little baby boys no matter how old they are or think they are. And now I have to let him go and experience girls!

Oh my goodness my little boy is growing up to be a little man. A whole new set of emotions and events to get ready for.