Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Ice, Ice Baby

Now you may seem that I have a thing about ice….well I guess I do as long as I do not have to drive in it. But I just had to share these pictures that someone set me. They are absolutely amazing! I am told there is a town in Northern China that does this every year. It is a great tourist attraction and is always beautiful. Most of them have lights inside and as you can see they are really big.

I do wish that we could get decent snow here. It seems all Missouri gets to enjoy in the winter is freezing cold. This morning when I went to work my car was reading 9 degrees outside. Now that is downright cold! So cold in fact that Felicia’s car doors once opened would not close. Of course she was upset with me that I would not let her drive to school this way, she had to hitch a ride. I did eventually get them to stay shut before I wondered off to work.

It is currently snowing now, not much just a few flurries. Devin is hoping we get some coverage as he is looking forward to sledding down the school hill.Now I have to include these following pictures as it is what the kids to best…Sleep. The puppies seem to be good alarm clocks. But one must be very careful going into “the boy’s room” as you NEVER know what kind of mess you will walk into or on. In Mikayla’s room you just never know where she has moved the furniture. She gets bored quickly with the way her room looks so she is always moving things around. It is too funny.

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