Saturday, January 06, 2007

Mike the Builder

As most of our friends and family know, Mike does a bit of construction as a side job. It was a hobby that turned into a 2nd full time job. Most of the time he is in someone’s house doing a kitchen remodel, adding or remodeling a bathroom, putting up crown molding or finishing a basement. But now he has decided to start on our basement. I am feeling torn as I am excited at what it will look like and all the extra room not to mention I will finally get a room for my sewing and crafts that I enjoy doing. But December is always the worst time of the year as far as money goes for us. It seems that every December I watch our savings dwindle to nothingness. But he is something to watch when he gets in his “Bob the Builder” mode. He is an unstoppable beast. Alas this is what he enjoys doing and it IS improving our home, but he has Champaign taste with a beer budget I am afraid.

As he puts up walls and runs water and electric he sends me on a task to look for furniture for our “Theater Room”. I heave been to at least 10 different furniture stores, and I will have to say some of today’s furniture choices a bleak. Not many choices and as most everyone knows Mike does not want the same thing everyone else has. He wants to be different, and different comes with a price tag, or so I am finding out. So here I am milling through these stores I finally find something that I like but do not care for the print of the fabric or the color of the leather so I hunt down a sales person and ask can I get this in a different fabric or different color? Sure you can they say and immediately take me to a decorator who shows me hundreds of fabrics. After I have chosen a fabric or color of leather then I ask how much more will this be? They never want to tell you this part. I have found the perfect sofa for about $1,800 but when the “Decorator” gets done and this particular sofa turns into just under $5,000. Needless to say I said thank you but no thank you and I am still on the hunt! Oh, and do not even mention the word Theater Seating, that jumps the prices exponentially. We have (Mike has) decided that we will have a couch and two reclining chairs. No more Theater Seating (for this I am happy). I believe that I will still wait for a while as he has already changed his mind three times. So I will wait till the basement becomes closer to being finished before I take on the task of shopping for furniture again.

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