Monday, January 15, 2007

Old Man Winter

As some of you out of state may know from the news Missouri has once again been hit by a winter storm. But this time it was ice and a lot of it. There are tons of trees broken and split, there are thousands without power (we once again missed that one). But quite a few of our friends and coworkers were without power this weekend. Some stayed with family and others got hotel rooms (where available).
Though ice and snow are never fun to have to drive in and ice is always dangerous it is also most certainly beautiful. I was unable to get out to take a picture of our cherry trees out front, oh I wish I had they were gorgeous. I did get some of the Missouri Botanical Garden and they are breathtaking.

And of course there was no keeping the kids in the house. Friday Devin went fly fishing while it was just raining (he said it is the best time to fish). And Mikayla was out with her friends on Sunday (34° outside). I made them bundle up in many layers! Felicia opted out of driving and made her friend Nick take her to work and pick her up. She wanted no part in the ice since the last time she had an accident.

As I was coming home from work today it started snowing. I was a pretty, I wonder if we will get any kind of accumulation? Probably not, the kids will be disappointed I am sure. Even the puppies love to be out in the snow!

On a side note, I have included a link to Felicia’s senior picture. The photographer who did her pictures told me he was putting it on his website! I will be sending out some soon. I personally think they are amazing and beautiful!

And least I not forget! A belated Happy Birthday to my DAD!

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