Sunday, February 11, 2007

A note from my over achieving family….

I now have a die hard wrestler in the family. Devin has decided that he really likes wrestling and his stats are 6 losses to 8 wins in 5 tournaments. Bringing home 3 third place medals, 1 second place medal and 1 first place medal. There are two more tournaments this season and I hope he can continue his drive as he has decided to do a tournament every weekend in February. Which will double the amount of tournaments that he has done in the last three months!

Then there is Felicia, who has earned herself a total full ride to Truman State University. We were all excited when she received a letter stating that she received the scholarship. But you know me, I need to be prepared, so I called Truman and inquired to what extent of a full ride meant. They said that it covered all tuition, fees, and average cost of room and board with $1,000 to cover educational expenses. So we did the math and the average cost of dorms meant she/we only have to pay $153 a year for her dorms, which will be covered by the $1,000 educational expenses and for the most part the balance should cover books. Yea Felicia, dad and I are proud of you!

Mike is still working on our basement, mudding is slow work. But this is also the time of year that people start wanting to have projects around their home done. So far in February alone, he has had a request for a finish basement bid, a deck bid, and a bar entertainment center bid and the calls get more frequent in March. I am sure it coincides with the tax returns. He just completed doing some dry wall repair work for someone in Devin’s wrestling club. So needless to say he will be busy again soon.
Then little miss Mikayla has taken up basketball. She was slow to start but is picking it up and improving with every practice. She has decided that she does not want to play an instrument next year (I make everyone play an instrument at least one year) she will be pursuing art which of course is where her heart is.
Our two little escape artist puppies are doing fine but are treading on thin ice. Buddy had a near death experience with a car tonight. He shimmied through the fence to go see another dog across the street. Luckily a neighbor saw him do this just as a car came driving down the street. We are now looking into taller invisible fencing to try to keep him in. Who would have thought such small dogs needed a two foot tall barrier so they would not get out of a FENCED area. I thought wiener dogs got fat?
As for me, well I am lucky to keep up with everyone else’s needs, the house and my job. Devin’s practices are twice a week and tournaments require at least a ½ drive and most are an hour or more away. Mikayla has practice once a week and has a game every Saturday but luckily they are relatively close to home.
And for the Birthday Boy you never allowed me to do this on your birthday or let me take you out so.........................................HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIKE!
I love you you dweeb head!

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