Saturday, February 17, 2007

Watch What You Ask For.

Well you have to watch what you ask for so they say. I have been saying I wanted snow. Well by golly I got it. They say that this past Tuesday we only received 3 inches but Mike knows our driveway was a good 5 inches deep. And it is snowing again today well actually it started again late last night. Weather man says that we could get 3 inches when all said and done. The kids absolutely love the snow so much so Devin stay out all day Tuesday playing in it (got himself a little cold now).

The babies love the snow also. Bailey rings her bells to go outside just about every 15 to 20 minutes when it snows. She can not get enough of the outside. She goes out runs all over the back yard, buries her head in the snow and runs around some more. That is until she starts feeling the cold. Then she will look at you with these pathetic eyes and then start this funny walk trying to keep her feet out of the snow then look up at you again and fall over. This is ritual with her. You would think that she would learn that this white stuff is cold and go out do her business and come in. But no not my silly little dog, she does this each and every time she goes out. She too loves the white stuff.

The street department I will have too say has done a relatively good job on cleaning the streets, but I do which that they would leave my yard in tact. I have never seen this happen before they actually plowed out my yard. Mike was very upset when he saw this I only hope the sprinkler system is ok. We have not had very good luck with this system.

I am glad that they get as much of the street cleaned as they can I just wish they would leave the yard in tact.

Mike just phoned and said he was just told that it will be snowing all day and we could get 4 to 6 more inches of snow. I wonder if wrestling will be canceled this weekend. Well off to basketball.

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