Friday, March 09, 2007

New adventures

I am off to Texas on Monday for business. I would never admit this to anyone at work or even out loud. But take me out of my comfort zone (which is my house, work and a few places around town) and I get freaked, so much so that in the past I have turned down great jobs because they required traveling. Not that traveling bothers me at all because I do really like to travel just NEVER alone. And now I have volunteered for an assignment at work that will require me going to the airport, getting on a plane and finding my way through an airport all alone then pray that my coworker (who leaves a day ahead of me) will find me and get me to our destination. Now I am sure most of you are thinking what in the world would a 40 year old person have to be freaked out about traveling alone? And I have no honest answer for you. This is something that I have always been weird about.

But I am excited about going to Texas as I have never been there except to switch planes. Not that where I will end up will be very exciting as the company I work for is an environmental consulting firm who's clients are other companies that own landfills. Most of my time will be spent in a landfill office going through files and assisting my coworker with a special waste audit. Though now maybe I can put faces with the voices I hear on the phone as I rarely ever meet any of our clients.

I am at least going to work with someone that I have great respect for at work. This of course makes the trip a lot easier to swallow and I have less anxiety about dealing with the situation at hand. His wife is the one who got me started on blogging. Erin ( has the best reading blog I have found yet. I keep telling Brett that she needs to write a book as I never get bored reading what she has written.
I am rambling now as it is VERY late. Mike has given me a “honey do list” of which consists of things to do in the basement so while I am gone he can get to the next stage. I will have to say I am very proud of myself as I have completed most everything he has requested well, that is until I ran out of fabric. It is off to the store tomorrow to purchase more and I shall finish all tasks requested. Let’s see a husband do that and still take care of the kids, house and work!

I am just hoping that we get done soon, I want to enjoy the pool and outside when summer gets here.

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