Friday, March 02, 2007

The Sounds of Spring

Well you can definitely tell that spring is coming by the sounds of …… Tornado Sirens …….they went off yesterday morning with the threat of a tornado. So once again it was off to the basement to seek shelter from the impending doom of a tornado. Of course I can not just sit in a room just waiting for something to happen or for the sirens to stop. I must go to the windows with a stern “you stay here” to the kids and look to see what Mother Nature has in store for us. We actually did not have a tornado that I could see or hear but I heard that several were sited not too far from us. At least on the up side we will have a ROOM to go to now that we almost have our basement finished. Previous years we had to sit on a concrete floor with Mike tools all around (how safe is that!) with widows and no walls to protect us.

I have finally got to relax a bit as wrestling season is over for Devin. He finished 2nd in his weight class (75 pounds) at the state tournament. Thanks to his coaches he wants to return next season. I will have to admit with a few exceptions these have been the best coaches I have ever met though out all of the kids sporting ventures. They have the patients of saints so I have noticed. And most of the parents I met this year were very nice to be around and talk to.

Now we are waiting for basketball season to finish and I will have no child activities to attend that is until volleyball starts. And of course that is for Mikayla. Busy beaver she is, then Summer Camp and Girl Scout Camp. This summer she is going to learn how to ride and take care of horses. We are looking into camps for Devin. But he wants to go to a fishing camp. Have you ever heard of such a thing? We may send him to one of the YMCA resident camps as that is outdoors and will wear him out!

And just one more thing to make me feel even more my age….Mikayla had her 11th birthday this month. And along with that comes attitude. She is not the sweet baby and toddler I once knew. She is now this VERY independent pre-teen. I so wish that they could stay young, sweet and innocent just a bit longer than they do. But I am glad she is not interested in BOYS yet as some of her friends are now experiencing. HAPPY BIRTHYDAY Mikayla.

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