Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Dr. Doolittle’s House

Texas went well. Actually we were not there as long as expected. All I got to see was the landfill and the hotel. But I did not miss a thing here as the kids called any time they had a question. I would ask if their dad was here and they would reply yes and still call me with their questions. So in actuality I was never gone. No mommy time. No arguing kid time. No honey-do list time. The one thing I did enjoy was the bed, no puppies, no cat and no snoring husband!

I feel at times I live at Dr. Doolittle’s house. We have a cat (Tequila) 2 dogs (Budweiser & Bailey), 1 hamster (Rufus) 1 fish (Fish) and now we have inherited 4 baby bunnies. The kids found them in the play ground at school someone had put them under an orange cone. So my two youngest bring them home for fear that the mommy rabbit would not come back. We have been bottle feeding them about every 6 hours and cutting up carrots into tiny pieces so they can eat them. Mikayla is already asking if we can KEEP all 4 of them. Of course Mike said NO. I have not said anything except that we cannot keep all four when they are big. We do not have the room but I am not against keeping one or two but that is for the vet to decide. So any suggestions on how to raise rabbits or if they should be kept would be very helpful at this time. The vet has explained what I need to do to foster them now and the pet store assistant explained how to, when they are older, to acclimate them to the outside so that we may release them back to the wild. Then yesterday while looking out the window in the backyard, I see a mallard duck sitting next to the pool just about to get in. I tried to get a picture but as soon as I got into view of the duck it flew off. Devin informed me that it was back today.

Mikayla’s first night of volley ball is tonight. So I have once again lost my quite nights. Not that I really had any quite time anyway as Mike has been laying tile in the basement. That is all done now it is grout time and I am not looking forward to that mess. Then comes doors and floor trim so many things to do so little time. Mike still wants to have it all done before Felicia’s graduation party in June.


Felicia said...

Of Course Dad wants it finished! Cuz he knows how bad I want to use it then! HAHAHAHA! He just wants to show off his finished toy! Lov Ya mom!

Michael F. said...

Some mama rabbit left her kids under that cone while she went down the street for a little carrot juice and when she cam home, no kids. Poor mama rabbit. :(

Felicia said...

Haha...that's funny! Sad...but funny!