Thursday, May 31, 2007

Friends, Fun & Learning

I think I have mentioned before that Mikayla is a big sports nut. She wants to playy everything there is to play. Soccer in the spring and fall, basketball in the winter, and volleyball whenever she can get it in and she loves baseball. Unfortunately we can not squeeze every sport in so this past spring she played volleyball. It was made up of 5th and 6th grade girls and we played at the local YMCA. We started off a bit shaky but by the end of the spring season we finished in 1st place, winning 4 more games than the next place team. And I will have to say I have never seen a better group of girls. They come from different schools, some had never met before but they all got along beautifully. No catty normal girl stuff, no teasing, no keeping anyone out or making fun of another person.
They actually all got along, cheered each other on, and made me feel like I did a great job coaching them (did I forget to mention that Mikayla wrangled me into coaching). I have
never had more fun than I did those 6 weeks with one group of girls. A what a surprise they all want to come back and play again in September and play on the same team again. Mikayla is excited and can't wait to play again. So Jennifer (the other parent wrangled into coaching) and I decided what the heck do it again. In addition to the kids all getting along smashingly the parents were amazing also. I remember being a girl scout leader, the parents had plenty of comments, complaints and suggestions but ask one of them to help they scattered. Not this time most of the parents stayed if they could to help at practice, they were all at every game, and I heard none of them screaming things at their girls (unlike soccer I have to say). I was a most refreshing experience that I hope repeats itself in the fall.

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