Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Time Flies

Me oh my where has the time gone? Well to catch up from May. We had Felicia's graduation party in June which turned out very nice all our/her friends and family stopped by. Mike and I just finished the basement remodeling the day before! Boy that was a task. But we have it done with minor decorating left to do. Now we just need to finish paying for it all. After the party it seemed that Felicia was NEVER home (at least not while we were). She worked nights and slept all day. So we saw her mostly in passing.

In June Devin decided that we needed some quality time. So while Mikalya was at Girl Scout Horse Camp Devin, Felicia and I decided to take a trip to the Zoo. I have to say I cannot remember the last time I was there. We had a pretty good time even though it rained buckets on us. It seemed that all the animals were out which from what I can remember is rare. They are usually all hiding somewhere. Devin likes the Flamingo picture, he said that it looks like a post card (that is actually a compliment). The Zoo has changed quite a bit since I was there last. nothing is where I remember it being. So needless to say I was all turned around so the kids led the way all that day. He said he now wants to go to the History Museum. So I will plan that for a colder day when being inside is better.

We have used the pool quite a bit this summer as it seems to have been perfect swimming weather. in July it was actually cool enough in the evening to camp. But with Mike not home a lot we decided to let the kids camp in the back yard. We made a fire, made smores and watched the stars. I am actually amazed that we got the tent up in the back yard. The funny thing about this tent is that we have had it for over 3 years and this is the first time we used it (Mike just had to have it when he saw it). It is really hard to get Mike to camp.

It is really hard trying to squeeze in everything you want to do with your kids before they leave but August just snuck up on us. And before I know it I was taking Felicia to college and getting her settled in her dorm. We met her roommate Shannon and her parents. They all seemd very nice. Felicia seems to be adjusting very well with little noise about being home sick. Which I had no worries about. Felicia rarely gets to where she is home sick when she is away. I am glad for that as I want her to have the best time she can (while still learning) while she is in college. I never went away to college and I want her to get to experience everything I did not and always heard stories about (one could say I will be living vicariously through my daughter). Felicia has no fear of anything which I am proud of and happy for. We did our darndest to raise independent children. And Felicia scores all A's there. She came home for Labor Day weekend with a girl she met at school. Sarah lives on her floor. I am glad she brought someone home with her as I do not want her driving all that way by herself. She always gets tired when driving on the highway.

Devin, Mikayla and I all started school the day after we dropped Felicia off. Yes that is correct I have gone back to school to finish my degree. Mikayla is in middle school and I have always told myself that when the kids got out of elementary school I was getting my degree! Thought 1 - WHAT HAVE I DONE TO MYSELF! I have taken on 10 credit hours, I am crazy I believe. But as of yet I am muddling through. We shall see as the semester moves on.


Alicia Clark said...

That's me in the pink shorts in Felicia's dorm room! Who'd a thunk I'd help send the lump in Monica's belly, the day I met her, to college!

I finally did it..I registered for real estate classes! Guess we'll both be studying alot.

Felicia said...

Mom you are such a dork...and the timing of the roommate thing cracked me up! Oh...I love you too!