Friday, October 26, 2007

Old Man Winter is a knocking

I thought I might warm everyone up with some springtime pictures I just stumbled across. Here in Missouri if one does not like the current weather they need only wait a day or so and the temperature is totally different. But now that summer is gone and pretty much of the fall is gone to just wet and cold I begin to miss the spring (already). I mean Fall is my absolute favorite season because of the colors and I absolutely love sweater weather. But our yard looks so pretty in the Spring with all the flowering trees (I would have more if Mike would let me get away with it). I just love trees! I have passed this trait on to Devin I am afraid. He begged me to make him another "woods" or "forest" for him at our new house when we moved here.I have done as much as Mike would allow. He said I am crazy with trees. But I think I have done pretty good in 4 years. Especially since since there was not even one tree or bush on our lot when we built the house. Thats all ok, as I have taken to planting trees on the Elementary school hill behind our house. The lights at night come in every window in the back of our house. Seedlings now, and hopefully in a few years they will block some of that annoying light.
I know babble babble. Well it is late and it is time to spend with the hubby and the kids are fast asleep (well at least Mikayla is, Devin has a friend over they will never sleep).
Good night all.

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