Sunday, October 21, 2007

A Time of Reflection

It has now been two weeks since my grandmother had passed away. She was the last grandparent I had that was living and the one I knew the best. My sister says that it is hard to be upset about someone she does not know. That saddens me even more, to think that she could not remember all the visits we had as children with our grandparents. Yes, she is correct in that we did not see them very much as we grew up here in Missouri and most of the rest of our family is in New York and some others in Florida. As an adult I called my grandmother every week until she got to ill to talk on the phone. I do miss her, maybe it is just the thought of her, but it is a missing all the same.

I am glad that my sweet husband asked me where I wanted to go for my big “40th” birthday last year instead of surprising me with a trip. Friends say that subconsciously I knew that something was coming. I am just glad that MY children got to meet their GREAT GRANDMOTHER and other relatives. They asked so many questions of who was related to whom and they made a few bonds that I hope they will keep. I keep encouraging them to write their new found friends (cousins) and hopefully they will continue to get to know their family.

Why is it that in America we push our families away, such as children should get out on their own as soon as possible and older members of the family are put in retirement communities instead of living with their children? I see in other cultures that the grandparents/parents live with and help their children, older children also stay within the home and everyone helps creating this huge network of caring and support. I do understand that it is hard to live this way but at the same time each generation gets to know the ones that came before.

In a separate topic, I believe that I may or may not have mentioned that I am back in school. I know crazy. I graduate in May with my Associates Degree and then start in the fall (maybe) to get my Bachelors Degree. Felicia wants to have a race to see who can get their bachelors first. I told her that would be her as her job is school and my job is a job then school. Felicia wants to go to Vienna this summer for schooling abroad. Or she said that she wants to seek out Cousin Barb (Mike’s cousin) where ever she is at the time and stay with her and go to school where she is for 2 months. She has not quite yet decided. She wants to minor with multi languages and have a major in accounting. She will be graduating college in 3 years with a Masters in 4. It seems I have a very determined your lady on my hands. She is enjoying college life it seems, and I am adjusting slowly to the fact I am not in charge anymore. That part is not easy. Mike and I went up to visit her for a day. Mom kept the other two entertained while we were gone. It was really nice to see Mike and Felicia acting like they use too when she was younger. They talked and goofed around like no one else was around. You could definitely tell Mike was missing his little girl. Those two have a bond that he and the other two do not. I have no idea why, he has always gotten along better with Felicia than the other two. Maybe it is that first child thing or something. Who knows but watching them together was heart warming. She took us all over campus showing us where her classes were and what buildings were for what. And of course daddy took her shopping. He got her a new TV, sun glasses, food, school supplies and such. Wrapped around her little finger he is.

Mikayla got to go to Hanna Montana concert this past Thursday. Daddy was able to get her tickets. Felicia wanted to go so she came home from school for the night and took Mikayla. They had the best time so said Mikayla. I “made” Devin and Mikayla have a day with mom yesterday. We went to Augusta (which is a winery town here) did some antique shopping, checked out a few old grave yards and did some wine tasting. Devin picked out the wine for dinner last night. Yes I only let them have sips I am not a total loose of a mom. On the way home we stopped at a farm and picked out our pumpkins. It was absolutely gorgeous weather the trees were beautiful you could not have asked for a better day. Devin even came up to me this morning and said thanks for yesterday! That made it all worth it. Today it seems to want to do the same so I am off again but this time we bring the puppies!

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