Friday, November 23, 2007

Another Year of Thanks

It is once again Thanksgiving, I can hardly believe another year has gone by since we have seen most of our family.
This year we had a surprise.....cousin Mark was in town. It was nice to get to see him and his children. Devin was very glad to see Sean as we also do not see cousin John much either. Mike was glad to get to see his sister Lyn and husband Dave. It was a full house this year, and that always means a warm house. And that is always a good thing.
Mike of course had to make his "hot wine". Not a holiday goes by without that. This kids always come down from their rooms when the smell waivers up to the second floor.
They absolutely love their daddy's hot wine. And of course Thanksgiving in its simplest definition means copious amounts of food, which we had.....and will have again on Saturday which will be our second Thanksgiving dinner.
There is so much for which I am grateful:
For my husband, though he is not home very much, he is my rock and inspiration. Though sometimes his energy is exhausting!

I am thankful that Felicia adjusted well to college life and studies.

My work, where I have the opportunity to always learn, to never know everything there is to know; and make me realize where I really want to be.

For my children who keep me on my toes and are always doing the unexpected, and I am especially grateful on the days they get along and do not fight.

Our friends relatives, near and far, who bring me back to reality when my head gets stuck in the clouds.

Our dogs, who remind me not to take life too seriously and not to forget the important business of playtime. Our cat who shows me it is OK to be alone and to enjoy the times I am by-myself .

For my parents as they show me the possibilities to the future enjoyment of retirement.

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