Sunday, November 11, 2007

Catching Up

With Felicia 3 hours away at college, it is very hard to keep up with pictures of her, so I have to depend onher to send me pictures. Since Halloween was on a week day she was unable to come home, so she signed up to pass cany out at school (did not know they did this). Their dorm building had a contest on decorating. Her floor went all out is seems. Though she did not send pictures from other floors. She said that 3 large bags of candy did not last long. There were a ton of kids that came to trick-or-treat at the College. She was even able to get rid of the tires she had in her trunk (Wal-mart did not take them when she put new ones on). They used them in the decorating of the common area. She was happy to not see them come back into her possession.

Audrey sent pictures of Alayna and Kahlen. Kahlen was so happy to be a police man. he was so cute on the phone describing his outfit to me. He did state the he did not get much candy, but that Alayna got a whole lot of candy! He also went into great detail describing his birthday party and how much fun he had. He is about the cutest kid, I can not explain how adorable this little guy is. Nothing but pure excitement in his face while enjoying his bouce slide at his birthday party. Oh to be a kid again, carefree and no worries. Just pure enjoyment. I do miss those days.....................

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Felicia said...

BY THE WAY...We got second campus wide. Since we only did half the hall...we lost points, but Oh well. The Harry Potter Forbidden Forest was down by the time I came back from class the next afternoon. It was sad to see it go!