Saturday, November 03, 2007

Time for Candy and Fun

Yes, it is that time a year again when the ghosts and goblins come out to play. And it is my children's favorite time of year as they get hoards of candy. Normally I do not keep candy in the house as everyone (including Mike) will eat nothing but the sweets and no real food! Unfortunately the kids are getting older and its harder to get them to let mom and dad "inspect the candy". Of course that is where Mike and I will pour out the goods out on the table find our favorites and say "this looks opened" or "this just does not look right" and even better "we need to test the candy to make sure it is all good for you to eat". And of course they have gotten our number now that they are older!
The weather was beautiful, and we had a healthy stream of trick-or-treaters until 8pm. Then it was dead. So I was actually able to get some algebra homework done (which was a good things since I had a test on Thursday). As usual Mike brought home "extras" to give the kids that knocked on our door. The first two Halloweens we lived here Pepsi came out with new flavors of soda of which Mike would bring home a couple of cases and we would hand them out with the candy. This year he brought home coupons from Tacobell for free tacos (probably not as big a hit as the soda, but I know the parents appreciated the free stuff). We also had an over abundance of Aquafina lanyards so we gave those out as well. Now those were a hit (weird kids!).
Mikayla went trick-or-treating with her friend Courtney (who lives in another subdivision). They had an absolute blast. They wanted to go as twin (almost) punk rockers. AND they want to wear their fun new clothes the school (of which will not allow it). I can not believe that they are not allowed to wear these particular outfits, they are at least covering all their body parts. And that is more than a lot of the girls in middle school are covering these days!
Felicia was not able to come home since Halloween was on a week day. But they totally decorated their dorms. Not their rooms, but hallways and shared areas were all fair game. Felicia said she bought candy for trick-or-treaters that were coming by the campus. Apparently people in Kirksville will drive their children to the campus for them to trick-or-treat all the halls. Felicia said 3 bags of candy did not last long.
Devin was torn this year, one minute he wanted to go out the next he did not. He refused to go pick out a costume with me, so for the most part I assumed that he was not going. Then one of the neighborhood boys called and asked if he was going to go and would he go with him. Then off to the basement Devin went and rummaged through the Halloween bucket of old costumes. Came out as SCREAM FACE again.
Now that Halloween is over and Thanksgiving is fast approaching, so is the thought of christmas. First of all Lynn and Dave (Mike's Sister and Brither in-law) will be visiting us this year for Turkey Day. Yea! Since they live in Georgia we do not get to see them very much, and when they come in town to stay with us, that is pretty much the only time the Dannemann Family gets together. So we get to see ALL the family. Felicia is bring home two friends from school to stay the holidays also. So we will be quite full. Should make for interesting sleep arangements and pictures!
It also is time for Christmas shopping which maybe Lynn will do with me this year. Just the though of getting up at the wee hours of the morning to get dress and FREEZE in a line at a store usually does not appeal to me exept just his one time a year. The day after Thanksgiving. Normally I can never wait until Christmas to give gifts, so I will have to show some determination this year.
Here is a note to Mom and Dad, this is what you got Mike and I for Christmas (for those of you you do not know my parents are now considered snow birds. They are wintering in a home they purchased in Florida) with the gift money you left for us to buy gifts. Yes it is in the kitchen right now but it will be making its way to the theater area this evening. I have been searching high and low for these machines on line and WOW were they expensive. Got to love CostCo Warehouse. They make some things very affordable! So thanks mom and dad, maybe when you get back to Missouri you can come check it out! Now just one more picture of our cat Tequella.

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