Sunday, December 30, 2007

Preparing for the New Year

We seem to be the family of relaxers! While most people I know are off seeing family, doing "to do" things, cleaning house, preparing for New Years festivities. We at the MD house sleep. As I speak, thing 1, 2, and 3 are upstairs asleep and I am here procrastinating with you. Mr. MD does not know how to relax he is currently working on someones basement.

The kids and I do have the list of "to do" things, but just do not have the drive to do them. We should get cracking though as work and school will start back soon. Then the mad rush of everything will be upon us. I guess that is why between Christmas and New Years we get very lazy (at least the kids and I do). Mike is NEVER lazy. I do not think he knows how. We have tried to show him, but it is not something he can do. He does not even have his "crash days". Which is where once a month or so he would do nothing but sleep from like a Friday night to a Sunday morning. But not anymore, he is like an ADHD kid. Always on the go, not able to sit still. His mind runs 1,000 miles an hour it seems. Well off to force myself to acomplish some tasks before we leave for Aunt Sophie's party.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Movie Night

OK, so we have a movie room in our house. And I think Mike did an absolutely wonderful job building it. But once in a while we (the kids and I) like to go to the movie theater. We never usually get Mike to go. His response is always ...... why we have our own theater, no lines and no crying kids......

Well the other night we actually got him to go. Probably because the movie he really wants to see JUST came out in theaters and we cannot rent or buy it just yet and HE did not want to wait that long. And his movie of choice was......
National Treasure. I will have to say we rather enjoyed this movie, and of course they ended the movie so they could do another one. One which I am sure we will also want to see. This sequel was, in my opinion, as good as the first movie. So out of 5 stars I would definitely give it 4.5 stars.
Mike was right I will probably enjoy it more in my own theater room where I do not have teenage boys KICKING the back of our seats.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Blah Hum Bug

This face would pretty much explain my mood today. Do not want to accomplish anything live on the couch day.
Unfortunately Bailey is all dropped eared and tucked tail because she (and Budweiser) had to get their yearly shots at the vet's office. They were none too happy but at least Budweiser did not screech like a 5 year old little girl (which is something he does when excited...a lot). I am proud to report this year Budweiser did not have a reaction to his shots and blow up like a cottage cheese balloon. Bailey and Budweiser both weigh an appropriate 11.4 and 11.6 pounds respectively.Mike's face always gets all scruffy when he is on vacation. He refuses to shave until the day before (or night) he has to go back to work. Lucky me hu?

Tuesday, December 25, 2007


To all my Family and friends, known and unknown. I hope you all the Happiest of Holidays. I will have to admit I never sent out Holiday Cards. I know bad girl, I will have to say I was a bit busy and VERY distracted this last month. Where does the time go????? So this is my sorry attempt at sending holiday greetings to all.

To all interested, we had a wonderful Christmas. Lasagna and spaghetti was dinner of course (family tradition) with salad and garlic cheese bread. Dessert was a wonderful cheese cake with home-made whip topping and home-made M&M cookies. And then ....... the moment the kids had been waiting all evening for ............... it was finally time to open presents. Ribbon and paper was flying, boxes were ripping, and this year for the fist time (or at least in a very long time) Devin SMILED! Kahlen was looking for more presents under the tree, Mikayla was digging the new clothes, Alayna continued to trip over everything, and Felicia hid (slept) under her new blanket. That would pretty much summarize Christmas eve at the MD house.
Also Christmas here would not be the same without our friends and neighbors, and I believe I have the best neighbors ever. And personality abounds here just watch your back because we have the pranksters here. Mike gave RD a pair of suspenders for Christmas so RD felt the deep need to call this AM and tell us to go to the door as he had something to show us. he modeled for us, and now for you . Sorry bloging world, this had to be done. We love our neighbors and had to share them with you. I am sure that I will have to pay for this in one way or another.

Christmas day at the MD house is mostly spent lounging, playing with new toys and eating left overs. This year of course I have to share Felicia as she plans to go see the "boyfriends" family. Does anyone have a spell or potion to keep her from growing up so fast? I do not like to share and this keeps getting harder. I am guessing there is nothing I can do about it and I just have to deal with it, and yes I know I have two more that will be doing the same thing soon. I just wish that I could keep them all to myself, or pick their significant others. I know that my parents will say what goes around comes around, but really I never continued seeing someone they did not like for very long, just long enought to irratate them. And then it would be over. But then again, I did not have my whole life planned out step by step for me as Felicia does. Her "boyfried" rather enjoys telling me about their future together and when/how they will get married, how many kids and when they will have them.

I have have to stop now or this pleasant Holiday Greeting will turn in to the "boyfriend" rant.

Any hoot ....... Here is hoping all of you a very Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Venturing far from Home

OK Dad, here are the pictures you requested from my trip to Oregon. While I am sure there was much more to see, I was only there long enough to do work and get home. Though if one has to spend time at a landfill, this sure was a nice one to see. Both of these pictures are views from the office I was working out of. And people in Corvallis are VERY friendly. Not one person seemed to be Ba-humbugged at all. The folks at the site that I went to had no idea why I was there and still were very accommodating.

And not to mention the hotel was very nice as far as hotels go (and for that matter hotels that I have stayed in). There too the people were very friendly and quick to help whenever needed. I am glad that we stayed after the colleges let out for Christmas break as this hotel was directly across from the college stadium and next door to what looked to be off campus apartments. My room was large enough to not feel like a closet and the beds in hotels these days are AMAZING!

Still in the end it was good to get back home and sleep in my own room in my own bed. While the adventurous part of me wanted to site see and find all the things to do in Oregon, but the practical side of me thought since it was raining (and not just drizzling) what fun is site seeing in the rain. Maybe next time, but I hear it rains A LOT in Oregon.
So in a nutshell that was my trip, next time I will take the time to look up things to do and do them rain or shine.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Missouri Weather

Well they have always said for Missouri "if you do not like the current weather just wait a day or so and you will get something different". We had an ICE storm on the 9th, it melted away. Then FOG on the 11th, that stayed for a day or so then went away. Then SNOW on the 15th, 8 inches of the white stuff and now it also is gone. Today was even nice enough that one would not have to wear a coat.

I did not get to see much of the snow (and the reason for my long gap between blogs) as I had to venture off to Oregon for work. Oh my goodness is it absolutely BEAUTIFUL there. Except for the fact that it rained the entire time I was there. But the trees are amazing. I took pictures with a co-worker's camera and I am impatiently waiting for him to get them to me. So dad keep your pants on they are in route.....hopefully.

Speaking of Dad, you do know that sunburns can lead to the big "C" word. Just thought I would remind you seeing how you like to tell me EVERYDAY that you go to the pool for a swim. You know they do make such a thing as sun screen. You should look into it.
Hat - $5.99
Chap stick - $0.99
Sunscreen - $3.99
Seeing a Burnt bod on my dad..................... Priceless

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Beauty in the Cold

Well we had a first round of wet weather and it came not in the form of snow. We received ice and a lot of it. And of course I could not stay home by a warm fire and enjoy the beauty of it. Oh no I had to get up on this cold Sunday morning at 6am and get Devin to his first wrestling tournament of the season by 7:30. My worries of driving in the mess was for nothing though the roads were not as bad as one would have thought. But by the look of my trees I would have thought it would have been an ice rink.

Our puppies love to go out in the snow, but they have decided that this stuff is no fun. After a few slips and falls from one step to another they look at you with this look of "why are you making me come out here" look, and try to run in as soon as they get out and before they get any business done. Which usually means they will head straight for the dining room carpet.

An Update To Yesterdays Message.....................................

As I had said we went to Devin's first wrestling tournament today, not a good day for Devin. He placed 4th in his weight group. But he took the loss well, much better than I expected. Seeing how last year he always placed at these things. BUT what the great thing was is that on the way home Devin got a HAIR CUT! It was too easy, I happened to look over to him on the ride home and asked if we could get a hair cut (which is a question I ask quite often lately)? He said sure OK. I must have had a stunned look because he explained to me that another coach (not one of his)at the tournament today made a comment about him being a girl. He was very upset with this coach and mad that he would even suggest that he thought Devin was a girl. Which I guess I could understand where Devin was coming from, especially since I saw quite a few boys there with longer hair than Devin's. But all the same "thank you" to that coach, because now Devin is sporting a new dew that is about 3-4 inches shorter than yesterday.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Hair Everywhere!

What is it with some of the boys today? Especially my boy. Check out the hair. His hair is actually longer than his 'lil sisters hair. I have tried every bribe in the book to get him to let me get his hair cut, from letting him get highlights to not letting him play certain video/computer games. Nothing works I have come pretty close to just tying him up and drag him kicking and screaming to get his hair cut. And it is not like it is straight nor is it really curley but it DOES have quite a bit of body and when he wrestles it goes everywhere. Any suggestions on how to get him to cut his hair? How about getting him to clean his room?
You know I hear people say all the time how much easier boys are to raise than girls. I will definately have to argue that point. My girls are WAY easier than the boy! Looking for any and all suggestions on how to deal with a 13 year old very headstrong boy