Sunday, December 09, 2007

Beauty in the Cold

Well we had a first round of wet weather and it came not in the form of snow. We received ice and a lot of it. And of course I could not stay home by a warm fire and enjoy the beauty of it. Oh no I had to get up on this cold Sunday morning at 6am and get Devin to his first wrestling tournament of the season by 7:30. My worries of driving in the mess was for nothing though the roads were not as bad as one would have thought. But by the look of my trees I would have thought it would have been an ice rink.

Our puppies love to go out in the snow, but they have decided that this stuff is no fun. After a few slips and falls from one step to another they look at you with this look of "why are you making me come out here" look, and try to run in as soon as they get out and before they get any business done. Which usually means they will head straight for the dining room carpet.

An Update To Yesterdays Message.....................................

As I had said we went to Devin's first wrestling tournament today, not a good day for Devin. He placed 4th in his weight group. But he took the loss well, much better than I expected. Seeing how last year he always placed at these things. BUT what the great thing was is that on the way home Devin got a HAIR CUT! It was too easy, I happened to look over to him on the ride home and asked if we could get a hair cut (which is a question I ask quite often lately)? He said sure OK. I must have had a stunned look because he explained to me that another coach (not one of his)at the tournament today made a comment about him being a girl. He was very upset with this coach and mad that he would even suggest that he thought Devin was a girl. Which I guess I could understand where Devin was coming from, especially since I saw quite a few boys there with longer hair than Devin's. But all the same "thank you" to that coach, because now Devin is sporting a new dew that is about 3-4 inches shorter than yesterday.

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