Friday, December 21, 2007

Missouri Weather

Well they have always said for Missouri "if you do not like the current weather just wait a day or so and you will get something different". We had an ICE storm on the 9th, it melted away. Then FOG on the 11th, that stayed for a day or so then went away. Then SNOW on the 15th, 8 inches of the white stuff and now it also is gone. Today was even nice enough that one would not have to wear a coat.

I did not get to see much of the snow (and the reason for my long gap between blogs) as I had to venture off to Oregon for work. Oh my goodness is it absolutely BEAUTIFUL there. Except for the fact that it rained the entire time I was there. But the trees are amazing. I took pictures with a co-worker's camera and I am impatiently waiting for him to get them to me. So dad keep your pants on they are in route.....hopefully.

Speaking of Dad, you do know that sunburns can lead to the big "C" word. Just thought I would remind you seeing how you like to tell me EVERYDAY that you go to the pool for a swim. You know they do make such a thing as sun screen. You should look into it.
Hat - $5.99
Chap stick - $0.99
Sunscreen - $3.99
Seeing a Burnt bod on my dad..................... Priceless

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