Sunday, December 23, 2007

Venturing far from Home

OK Dad, here are the pictures you requested from my trip to Oregon. While I am sure there was much more to see, I was only there long enough to do work and get home. Though if one has to spend time at a landfill, this sure was a nice one to see. Both of these pictures are views from the office I was working out of. And people in Corvallis are VERY friendly. Not one person seemed to be Ba-humbugged at all. The folks at the site that I went to had no idea why I was there and still were very accommodating.

And not to mention the hotel was very nice as far as hotels go (and for that matter hotels that I have stayed in). There too the people were very friendly and quick to help whenever needed. I am glad that we stayed after the colleges let out for Christmas break as this hotel was directly across from the college stadium and next door to what looked to be off campus apartments. My room was large enough to not feel like a closet and the beds in hotels these days are AMAZING!

Still in the end it was good to get back home and sleep in my own room in my own bed. While the adventurous part of me wanted to site see and find all the things to do in Oregon, but the practical side of me thought since it was raining (and not just drizzling) what fun is site seeing in the rain. Maybe next time, but I hear it rains A LOT in Oregon.
So in a nutshell that was my trip, next time I will take the time to look up things to do and do them rain or shine.

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