Wednesday, January 30, 2008

3 Seasons in Day

In St. Louis you should always bring a change of clothes and a coat with you every where you go. You can never dress appropriately for the weather here.

Wind, storms, roller coaster temperatures and snow are all in the forecast this week.

At Noon yesterday we had a record high temperature of 73 degrees in St. Louis . This breaks the old record of 67 set in 1988.

By the 2:30 the temperature dropped to 50 degrees and we got smacked with a hail and sideways snow storm.

and by 8:00 pm the temp dropped to 13 degrees.

(This is not a picture of mountains or large hills this is a storm front on its way in).

Now we are anticipating a developing winter storm which will move into the region during the day on Thursday spreading snow across the St. Louis area by the evening rush hour.

By the way all the news stations keep at it you would think we are going to get buried. "The St. Louis area is bracing for what could be a major winter weather event. Most areas will see 4-8 inches of accumulation".

Right now northern state are laughing at us saying "you big babies, that is not a lot of snow".

Let's Give it up for St. Louis Weather.


Heather said...

I keep looking out the window and refreshing KSDK, wondering why school isn't being closed early. You gotta love St. Louis! I'm glad you found my blog. It's nice to connect with a fellow St. Louisan. I see from your profile you work in the environmental industry. I am an environmental engineer. Small world!

Cara said...

I've been away from my blog for awhile but I just happened to mention our crazy weather here in the Prairie of Dardenne! LOL
I was actually coming home from an appt. on the day it hailed. I exited Winghaven Blvd and went to a bank drive-thru for shelter. When I was driving I could swear it was golfball size hail so it surprised me when it was only pea-sized.
You really caught an awesome picture of the storm coming in...wish I would have been home to catch that! LOL