Sunday, January 27, 2008

Do You Ever Wonder if You Are Doing It Right?

When I was a first time mom many many years ago. I was always unsure if I was doing things right or if I was going to screw up my daughter for life. And there are always plenty of people out there giving you their version of how to do it right. Then we got pregnant again and had a boy, well the unsureness of everything started all over again. Do you let your son play with your daughters dolls, stuff like that. Again you do not want to screw up your kid for life, right? By our third child (and a girl) we figured we were old hats and she pretty much had free reign , then we thought again, will this freedom screw her up in the future. We believe that with the girls we have done pretty good, they are adventurous, confident, well mannered, and for the most part an all around joy to be with. Our son, well he is kind of a loner and likes it, not adventurous at all, not very confident. I am not sure why he has turned out this way, the girls LOVE roller coasters he hates them. The girls wanted to sky-dive with me when I went (they were not old enough yet) he hid under the tar mack and refused to even watch. They have tons of friends and they are with them all the time he has friends (some I am a bit leery of) but he enjoys their company and they seem to stay out of trouble but does not see them as much. I have allowed my son to do things that others think I am crazy to do and listening to them makes me feel I am wrong to let him do some of tese things. Well I found a blog that said Dangerous Things You Should Allow Your Children to do. Yea! finally someone who has said it is OK to let boys be boys and it is OK to deconstruct the toaster, play with pocket knives, have a fascination with fire. He did have interesting parenting advise, if nothing else it made me feel my parenting skills are at least satisfactory and I am not screwing up my kids. Check it out, interesting stuff and if nothing else it makes a good read.

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Anonymous said...

One more thing. I hope you publish my comments. As for her not liking college. Does that mean she wants to give up on it? Maybe she needs to change her major? Try something different. I changed majors 5 times, dropped out for a semester, and hated several of my classes, but I kept at it. Giving up is far easier than making an effort, but in the end you end up working at McDonald's or in retail and you never get to enjoy the challenges a real job brings. You never get to make a difference if you give up so easily. I didn't ever see her as the giving up type, but maybe love has her blinded more than I thought.