Saturday, January 26, 2008

Good-Bye Old Friend

Meet old reliable.....

While this is no fancy car, it has been my mode of transportation to every child activity, work, and vacation for the last 10 years. It has been very reliable and given no reason to sit in an auto shop for least until now. My old reliable is now in need of quite a bit of work, work that I fear will not really prolong its use and life in our care. We are donating it to Charity on Monday, where it will hopefully do someone some good.

I have not been looking toward this day with any kind of excitement, I totally despise shopping for new vehicles (I leave that to MD), I guess you could say I do not do change well. AND I do not like having car payments. For the most part I believe that cars are WAY over priced and think it is ridiculous how much they depreciate as soon as you drive off the lot. I will miss my old reliable.

Now meet my new ride.........

well it is not really new, we bought him a few years ago in 2004, but it will be new for me. It is MD's baby. And when I say baby I mean his pride and joy, his little toy, his ...... what ever it is you men call it. But it is his ride. The reason that I get to drive it is because trucks are notorious for sucking up the gas. And MD dives a lot, he has a hour one way commute to his "territory" and then drives all day to different restaurants, stores, etc. then has the hour drive home. Well in the truck he was filling up twice a week and anyone who has driven a truck knows how much that costs. So it is left to me to drive my little 20 miles a day with it.

Now it would not be so bad except that within a month or two after purchasing this brand new truck he went and had modifications done to it. Again I will never understand men. He had it lifted 4 inches and had monster tires put on, duel exhaust, changed out the grill (what was that about) and chromed out pieces of it here and there (again what was that about). When asked why to duel exhaust MD's reply was.............."all for me the boom boom boom". I lovingly refer to it as his "D&%#" truck, all testosterone.

I am not really a small person, 5'4" at a respectful 130 pounds, but I look totally ridiculous next to this monster size truck, while MD has to drive the small Corolla.

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