Saturday, January 12, 2008

In the News

You can file the Interstate 40-64 closure alongside the Y2K predictions as one of the most over-hyped stories in recent years, at least so far. January 2, 2008 was supposed to mark the official beginning of a two-year long migraine for motorists in the St. Louis Area.
I do not work but 10 miles from where I live therefore I do not travel on any highway in any TRAFFIC. But my beloved MD does, and he absolutely hates traffic. He turns into this short tempered, lane switching, road raged maniac every time it gets bumper to bumper. This I just do not understand. When I have had to be on highways in traffic I usually turn up the radio (to hopefully drown out my own singing) and enjoy my time as I use to get so little of it. But then like I said I do not sit in this day after day anymore. With the impending closure of a major Highway you were sure to get all kinds of opinions about it. I am sure that would be because you could not turn on the news without listening to stories of the upcoming closure. People wanting to know why we have to close the highway... Chicago rebuilt highways and never shut one down...and other stories of the same. I mean really, how could one really speak for months night after night about the same topic.But from what I am hearing from friends that do work across the bridge the traffic has not really been much different than normal.
I have read that traffic on side roads have taken twice as long to navigate than normal. Still it does get tiring hearing people consistently talking about the shut down, maybe now that it has actually happened and it is not as they had feared they will find a new topic to talk about.
One can only hope.

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