Sunday, February 10, 2008

A Birthday, Charity Dinner, and Gambling

MD and I celabrated his birthday by first attending a Charity Function for the local Boys and Girls Club. We enjoyed dinner, a silent auction, oral auction, balloon prizes and the company of friends and his coworkers.

The 43rd Black tie optional Crystal Ball Valentine Celebration is held to benefit the Boys and Girls Clubs of St. Charles County. It was a nice event, but I still say these events are for people who have to much money and want to feel better about it. If you have ever been to one you know what I mean.

We then traveled our way to the local casino. MD did not fair very well I will have to say. I on the other hand would have loved to leave about 30 minutes earlier than we did (at that point I had over $450 of the casino's money). By the time I got MD to leave I won $150, but MD lost $300. By the way we were only at the casino MAYBE 1.5 hours. So that was a BIG loss for MD.

Note to self do not gamble with husband around. More profit that way.

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