Friday, February 08, 2008


Well, it is that time of year again, it tax time. I sit here at my desk going through my duaghter FD's papers and trying to complete her tax returns, then I get the glorious chore of doing mine and MD's mound of paper work for our tax returns. And how did I get this wonderful responsibility you ask......I have no idea, I have always done it, so I guess that when FD started needing her taxes done they just sat on my desk until I did them. You think I should charge MD and FD?
I sit her trying to make sure that I have everything organized (very OCD of me), available, accounted for, and deductions in a row (again very OCD). I have copies of receipts that are easily 16 years old (more OCD and tax man fear). My eyes are burning, an my brain is fried and I have just begun..............................

I still have the start of a research paper to write, books to read (for the paper), a test to study for, a house to clean, groceries to buy, and kids to tend to. My regular 40+ hour a week job may be done but my weekend job is just starting.
If I am not heard from by Sunday, send a search party with coffee and food PLEASE!

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