Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Help the Dust

Did I say we were going to do a "little" remodeling? Man was I way off, this little project has turned into a Major project. That always seem to happen when MD is involved!

I do not know how much you can tell from the pictures but we have totally trashed my bedroom. Hopefully it will start looking like something soon. At least that will make me feel better about all the dust floating around the house.

Well it is now day three the the destruction of the bedroom. Day one consisted of emptying the room, pulling up carpet, padding, tack strips, pulling off door frames and moving cable.

Those shows on TV do not tell you just how much work is in emptying a room and and prepping it for whatever work you want to do. I would guess that is why they do not do REAL construction in these rooms. Otherwise there is NO WAY they would get it done in two days.

Day two consisted of framing, framing, framing and more framing. It seems never ending. Now I know you are out there saying .... take it easy it has only been two days.....have you never seen the amount of dust this kind of work puts out! I am here to tell you, it is everywhere and is never ending.

We are on day three with ...... you guessed it more framing!

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