Sunday, March 23, 2008

Flood Updates

Thought I would give all of you a bit of an update on our flooding situation. Well it really does not affect our family as much as we live no where near a flooded area. But a co-workers wife works in Fenton in the thick of it. It seems a coworker of hers got the idea to go on the roof of the Meritz building and take pictures.

This is what quite a few of the side roads look like the Eureka area also. The hwy 141 area under hwy 44 is at least 16 feet under water (the water touches the hwy 44 bridge).

Needless to say that all this water is making traffic a nightmare in these areas. I feel for friends and family who have to spend any time in this!

Talk about nervous! I do not think I could live anywhere near a levee. Just the thought of having to wake up to this would give me nightmares.

Another view from the top of Meritz.

Oh and did I tell is snowing today. It has been snowing for at least the last two hours.

Missouri weather....go figure.

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