Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Old Man Winter Goes On Vacation

We are quite ready for Old Man Winter to go on Vacation. It seems he has agreed, and with the promise of warmer weather one must expect to deal with some rain. Well Missouri weather does not know the word "moderation". When we get something we get a lot of it. And rain is no exception. They say that the Meramac River will crest at 34.2 feet tomorrow. Levee breaks along the Missouri River flooded farms, highways and railroad tracks, and left dozens of homes surrounded by water, as the flooding that has threatened the region is expected to peak in some spots this weekend.

The Meramec River is to reach a crest of 40 feet on Saturday, March 22, at Valley Park, higher than the previously largest crest of 39.6 feet, recorded in 1982. They are closing major roads which will add to the headache of morning traffic.

We have not had this much precipitation in many years. 1993 was our huge flood here in Missouri. Since then they re-built levees, and have built subdivisions, industrial and parks in what use to be flood planes. Those of us who grew up in these areas just shake our heads. The water will go where it wants, and no builders guarantee will stop it.

So for now we are all high and dry, no water where WE live. But to our friends who decided to believe the builders that said "new 500 year levee" we are here for you when you get wet. At least tomorrow is the first day of spring and we are to be in the 60's. Drying up in no time!

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BusyDad said...

Scary eh? We can wire technology to connect anyone in the world in 1 second, fly to distant planets and break the speed of sound. But water will still go where it wants. (thanks for stalking me!)