Sunday, March 23, 2008

We Are Under Construction

We are once again under construction here are the MD house. This time it is the Master Bedroom that is being attacked. Mike said he is tired of the carpet, walls, paint... pretty much everything.
SO here are a few before pictures. Please excuse the mess, I did not feel the need to clean up and make the bed if I was just going to turn around and tear it all up.

So stay tuned and watch our progression through the transformation of my bedroom. I guarantee that it will look nothing like this when we are completed. And yes I said we, Mike is a pro at construction, but I am a pro at demolition. I got the job of tearing up the carpet and padding. And I also get the chore of cleaning up after Mike. He does tend to just toss stuff everywhere. It is a full time job just getting all the dust, drywall, nails and such up so he does not fall over himself. I will also be in charge of painting and decorating. All in addition to trying to keep the mess in the rest of the house at bay (during construction that is not easy). Mike is the builder. And he has some way out there ideas for this room, can not wait to show you.

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