Sunday, April 20, 2008

Count Down to Being Finished!

We are getting down to the wire. And I guess I am getting a little over anxious, I already started filling the shelves with some goodies I have bought. MD and I have some unusual taste and finding items that we want is REALLY hard. But it never fails, in a few months or so after we have finished a project what we were looking for will be everywhere and we will have already moved on with something else.

When I did Felicia's room at our last house she was into "theme" rooms. Her first one she wanted was an African theme. I searched everywhere for non-kiddie items but also not tacky items. It was next to impossible to find what we were searching for so we ended up making (which was not easy) every thing she wanted. Then within about 7 months after we finished her room there was African themed items everywhere. And really nice stuff too, but it seemed that everyone was doing African themed rooms. And we are normally wanting different than everyone else. Then when she went away for three weeks one summer for a camp and she asked that I do her room in a medieval theme. She wanted a castle painted on her wall and daggers, knights and such in her room. Well a friend and I were unable to get the castle to look good on her wall so we just turned her room into a room from a castle. Sue and I painted stones on her wall and Sue painted windows looking out of the castle onto a meadow area (her room was in the basement without windows). It was really cool, except bedding was hard to locate so again I just had to make it. We used red velour (as velvet was WAY too expensive) and purple satin. We had a knight in armor standing guard and made a code of arms for the wall. And again we found it difficult to find everything that we were looking for then a year later the stuff was everywhere. By then WE were moving and Felicia wanted a diner theme in her new room. AGAIN I could find nothing from furniture to decor. MD had some 50's diner Pepsi posters, so I got those framed, and he also had some old time Pepsi trays that we put in her room. Kind of a Steak-n-Shake theme. We had to use closet organizers and paint them chrome for her furniture and desk. We tried to by a booth at a Denny's old time diner that was closing but they would not give up anything, they were moving the whole thing elsewhere (bummer). So we got her a silver futon with blank mattress. It worked. Now she is away at college and we toned down her room. Eventually when she moves out it will be a nice guest room with little effort.
It is now Mikayla's turn to keep changing her room, at least she does not do theme rooms. But her furniture does move around the room quite a bit. She has even drawn up picture boards of what she wants her room to look like.

Devin has told us to stay out of his room. He does not do change well, he has given us quite a bit of grief about changing our room. Nope change is not good for Devin.

With all that said MD and I have pretty much just decided that when we do something to a room in our house or something to our yard we are just going to have to make it ourselves. We know we have unusual taste but then again we have never had a problem selling a house that we have had. Everyone has seemed to like what we do, never more than 3 days on the market! Not that we move a lot, this is our third house in 17 years so I guess we are doing good.

Our debate currently is about paint, more like where to paint. MD wants a certain ceiling painted an I would rather leave it. I think that it would be too much and of course he does not. Your opinion would help so please leave a note with your vote.

The area in question is just above the lights that will be on either side of our bed. MD wants the ceiling painted that connects to the arch that is painted. I am for leaving it alone. To help with decisions, the dark areas where the lights are will have white moulding around them which will give more separation between the colors. MD said that painting the ceiling dark will give it more pizazz, really do men know what that is?


Felicia D said...

HOLA! I say leave those spots white. THe lights will reflect off them better and I know you like to read in bed on ocassion. Although, the light would look cool reflecting dark light all around.

So the real queation is...what are the lights actually there for? To be able to see? Or to look cool?

Felicia D said...

I would also like to say that it is quite ironic that the two times I go away to Truman you redo my room. LOL....

Anonymous said...

Do you talk about anything other than your house? By the way, its COAT of arms, not code of arms!