Sunday, April 27, 2008

Just a Reply

I had a response from someone asking if I talk about anything other than my house. So I thought that I would write a response to answer their questions (and spelling correction). First off I never claimed to be the best speller, as a matter of fact is it well known (and usually the office joke) that I am the worst speller. I will look at a word and always question if it is spelled correctly. It usually is but it just does not look right. And I live by spell check!
As for always writing about my house, well that is what is going on right now. Later this summer I may babble about how Mikayla's trip to Girl Scout camp is going or how much I will miss her. But for now in the world of kids, not much changes. I mean really they are preteens/teens. What changes with them these days is very little. Or I could bore you all with the daily drums of what we do, such as........................
get up, get ready for school, work, and such. Argue with Devin about what ever he is in a bad mood about that day, or break up the daily argument between Mikayla and Devin (Felicia is glad to be away at college). Tell the kids to go to the bus stop about 100 times so they do not miss it again, and have to wait for the bus to come back around (which always makes me late for work).
I go to work no big change there, same stuff different day. And I do not think that 1. my clients would like me discussing their business on my blog or 2. Any of you would think that landfills are interesting and want to read me going on about what ever project we are currently working on.
I go home to further arguing between the siblings at home. I break them up, harp about getting homework done, and try to get dinner made. That is if MD does not have his honey-do list ready for me. Then try to get thing 1 and thing 2 into the shower and back to resembling humans once again, and try to get them to bed at a reasonable hour (so we do not have to argue in the morning about getting up).
Then IF Md is home, spend time with him, oh yea, and do my own homework from the classes that I mistakenly thought I would have time to take to get at least my Associates Degree completed.
So really it seems that once the kids are out of elementary school, and their particular sport is over for the season, every day is the same boring old thing. We are really not that interesting of a family. No Desperate Housewives stuff to report I go on about ALL our house projects. Because that is what we do, and what is constantly changing in my life. Other than my kids destroying what ever it is we just cleaned, remodeled, made, whatever.
So for those of you that are looking for some good gossip about the MD house I am sorry to disappoint, but I am glad that you do drop in from time to time to see how we are doing. By the way we are all doing the same no changes here.
As the Pioneer Woman says "We are Keeping it real". I just did not want to bore anyone.
Oh yea, in the last month (acutally less) the St. Louis are has had upwards of 15 plus earthquakes. But on those days I was unable to get logged on to discuss those!


Heather said...

I am a housing project junkie. And although I can't do any of my own right now, that doesn't stop me from reading as much as I can about other people's. Who knows where inspiration will come from. BTW, I am an Environmental Engineer, so hate to say I probably would find landfill reading interesting.

Ethan said...

Please don't blog about landfill stuff! I get enough of that at home! ;)

It's important to write about what YOU want to write about, MD. Isn't that the main point of the blog? (No? Well, it should be!)

Don't write for others - write for yourself. Or write for yourself first and others second if you must have a larger target audience.