Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Progress Poking Through

We are showing progress. Since Easter weekend MD has been pounding away in our bedroom. He has also been working his full time job AND completing two bathrooms at another house. The man has more energy in one leg than I can muster in my entire body including all three of our kids.
MD keeps changing his plans and coming up with new ideas on what our room is going to look like. Then he continues to ask what I think (of course what I say is not right) and keeps on going. LIKE THE ENERGIZER BUNNY!
Well with any remodel must come SHOPPING! And I did some shopping Sunday. Well a girl has to have her decor' right? Well at least I have new bedding and some little things for the room. I mean MD built a ton of shelves and they can not just sit there empty, right?
At least I did not pick flowers or anything feminine. I picked something on the masculine side for MD. And in the colors I liked. The picture of course does nothing for how nice things actually look. I did not have time to fix the colors before posting. And of course every room needs a little BLING.
A little silver and gold never hurt anyone, or any room for that matter.
Of course once MD actually finishes the room I may need to go on another shopping spree, on just never knows.

On a side note, mom and dad made it home from Florida just fine. BUT they came home to many not so happy surprises. First, they had to put out $300 for a service man to come on a Sunday to fix their thermostat so they could warm up the house. Second, they had to call an adjuster to come because a large branch fell from one of their large trees and took out their fence. Third, the truck battery was dead and had to be recharged before he could start it. Fourth, they went down to the family room in the basement to find they had water damage and to top it off black mold had set up residence in their walls. And to add insult to injury the adjuster informed them they would not cover the damage in the basement due to the fact that is was surface water that got in the basement and they do not cover that type of damage. You need to have flood insurance to get this type of water damage covered. Who would have ever thought they should have gotten flood insurance. They do not live anywhere near low areas that would have been effected by "flash floods" nor have they ever had a problem with water getting into the basement.

Got to love those Insurance Companies. What mom and dad do not realize yet is that even though the insurance company will not pay they will still have a claim against their account. And that is what is truly not fair.

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