Sunday, April 13, 2008

Waiting for the Mud to Dry.

Well we are getting there. It seems like forever (actually only about 23 days ago) and I am wanting a real bed again. Not just our mattress thrown on the floor.

Please excuse the mess, it really was all clean yesterday. Hard to keep up with Mike and mud goo trailing all over the house.

But looking into the room every now and again to see his progress seems to make the mess a little less painful. The above view is the wall where our bed is going. The two drywall boxes sticking out of the wall are going to be our night stands. I like as little furniture as possible (can you tell?).

This view is of the shelving/entertainment center MD built for across our bed. He wants to be able to watch TV in bed. But what he forgets is that the second his head hits the pillow he is snoring and sound asleep. AND he never lets me watch TV if he wants to sleep. So someone tell me again WHY I have to have a TV in my bedroom?

MD and I went to Home Depot and Lowe's today to price out flooring and pick paint colors. I even got to check out the fancy closet systems. We have agreed on the colors.

No do not freak out, they are dark (actually darker than the picture shows). But we wabt the white moulding to pop out. So these colors should do the trick. The first color is really not part of our color choices, it is one they just stuck in there. The second color is "Winter Oak" from Behr as is the third color "Ashwood". We will be installing wood floors, kind of a medium red oak. That was pretty much my day in a hand bag.

Oh yeah can not forget that I did do research for my term paper all afternoon, as well as starting my essays for the test I have on Wednesday. Joy Joy Happy Happy.

School almost done...schoold almost done. Have to keep telling myself this.

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