Friday, May 30, 2008

It Is Summer!!!

10 Things I like about Summer

1. Swimming in our pool.

2. No School.

3. No Homework to fight about.

4. Days are longer and we get to enjoy the outside more.

5. Swimming in our pool.

6. Everything is green and beautiful.

7. My house seems cleaner.

8. My kids sleep better from all the outdoor play.

9. MD is home more.

10. Did I mention swimming in our pool?

We have a wonderful pool (wonderful in the fact that it is not public!) in our backyard. No too big and not too small. Just like in the three bears it is just right! With gas and food prices going up and what seems to be ever increasing we figured that others would opt for putting in pools instead on going on vacations. But I guess we were wrong. We just found out that 3 pool companies have left the area. And the ones that are still around are not doing well.
We seem to always be dumping our money into our house instead on far away vacations and this year will be no different. But we do have a wonderful back yard with a pool and we spend a lot of time there in the summer, especially night swimming. We even have a colored light in the pool, Devin likes the purple color the best. MD and Devin both say it looks like a black light and when the water jets are shooting up in the air they seem to change colors when the body of the water stays the same. This year we want to put a ceiling under the deck so that if it rains we can still stay outside and enjoy our back yard still. And that way it will feel like we moved a room from the inside out. MD's big plans are to make a fire place (just not THIS fancy), a bar, enclose the space under the gazebo for pool storage, add a hot tub, and an arbor. I do not see us taking vacations for a while or at least we get all of that done! Luckily the kids have not noticed or complained about no far away vacations. We do go on the occasional weekend trip to the lake or camping but nothing extravagant. I guess we are a bunch of homebodies and prefer staying in our own back yard. Our vacation spot just outside our back door.

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Felicia said...

My Favorite 10 Things About Summer:

1. Being Home
2-10...drawing a blank

My Least Favorite 10 Things about Summer:

1. Not being in K-ville
2. Working crazy
3. Fixing My Car
4. Summer School Courses
5-10. Not being able to enjoy being home

BTW....we find plenty of things to argue about besides