Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Vacation Blues

So far it has rained EVERY day of my vacation! Which has only allowed me to do stuff inside, which means cleaning. No fun there. Makes me feel like just going to work. MD says I am board because I am not a stay home mom and have not mastered being home all day. I do not know how people who stay home all day can do it. If you have small children (not in school yet) I can see how they keep you busy during the day. But once they are off to all day school, what then? Everyone I know or actually socialize with works during the day. So this leaves me with no one to see and nothing to do.
Hopefully later today I will be able to get outside, I had planned on doing quite a bit of yard work and staining the deck. Also need to power wash and seal the patio.
Rain Rain go away, come again when I have to go to work, not while I am home on vacation.

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Anonymous said...

While being a stay at home mom is fulfilling and the best thing you can do for your is a long, lonely day. The same thing day after day after day after day with only minor differences. It's odd how each day can be mind numbingly the same and yet so different. You get bored, you get tired, you feel used and under appreciated. And then you feel guilty for feeling bored for being home with your's a vicious circle and yet completely normal...or so I've been told.