Saturday, July 05, 2008

4th of July Festivities

Instead of fighting crowds to try to see some fireworks, the MD house opted to stay home. And it seems that our neighbors did the same. So we all got together and had our own Street Party. We all brought food, drinks, and of course FIREWORKS!

MD and I have been lucky, we ended up with great neighbors. We live in a rather large subdivision, and constantly we hear about little arguments and feuds between neighbors on other streets. But not on our street, we all get along, and I absolutely love my street.

And over the past almost 5 years we have made some good friends, adults and children alike. It was a very enjoyable evening we started off with FOOD, and lots of it. Grilled steaks, hamburgers, hot dogs, kabobs, salads, beans, potatoes and all kinds of deserts. It was hard getting the kids to eat. They were all excited about the fireworks and wanted to get to it. But with prodding we got them all to eat.


The kids had an absolute blast.

Of course Devin had to pull a Devin. He lit something, and flipped over in a neighbor's yard, he grabbed it thinking that it was a smoke bomb and not wanting to kill the grass. As he strolled out of the yard and across the street the damn thing blew up, and yes it was still in his hand! I just stood there, dropped mouth, and counted fingers. That boy has a frigging angel I tell ya, and they are doing overtime with him. Definitely earning their wings!

As the night went on and the explosions subsided we corralled around a nice fire. Which in itself is weird to say. You know JULY and we were all chilled. The topic at first around the fire was of course how WEIRD the weather has been, coldest July anyone could remember.
Like I have always said......
Missouri Weather, go figure.......................

Again, it was a wonderful 4th of July once again. We saw great fireworks and did not have to leave home or spend a fortune doing it.

We had great company and good food. What more could anyone ask for?

"The Last Dance"

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Gina said...

That looks like so much fun! It would NEVER happen with my neighbors. Thanks for stopping by!