Thursday, July 17, 2008

Aloha Tiffany

This is Tiffany. Isn't she cute?
I met Tiffany in a class last year and we seem to hit it off immediately. That is as much as a 40 something and a 20 something could hit it off (or even have in common). But she was fun to be around, so much so I offered her a position at the company I work for. I was ecstatic when she accepted a part-time admin position. That is until she decided that she was going to finish her degree some 2 hours away at Cape.

Today was Tiffany's last day at work. And believe me I tried everything to get her to stay and go to school locally. But in the end her mind was made up (not bad for an early 20 something) and now she is leaving. I will have to say, I am proud of her and I will really miss her.

This is Diana, and she is a total sweetheart!

She came up with the brilliant idea of giving Tiffany an Aloha party.

Which of course everyone in the office was up for. Any excuse to BBQ!

At times I feel really old and out of the loop as EVERYONE is so young in my office (there are only 4 people out of 25 people in my office older than me. It sucks getting old.) but Tiffany never made me feel out of place with a bunch of youngsters. BUT she did make me feel TALL.

I am 5'4" which is not tall, but with T I always felt tall. Thanks for that Tiffany.

This is Carissa, whom we have hired to replace Tiffany. Except Carissa will be full-time. THANK GOODNESS.

I have been the only full-time support person for over a year. I have been trying to get someone full time for a while.

So I will be looking forward to Carissa's first real work day on the 28th. She just came in for a training day today because Tiffany wanted to at least spend one day with her replacement. Tiffany and Diana are way more patient than I am (and yes I already knew this) so it is better for new people to spend time with them before they train with me.

Back to Tiffany.................................

Everyone at our company likes her and they showed her today how much.

Most of all by standing outside in 94 degree plus temperatures and in front of a grill cooking food.

Man it was hot outside today!

All the guys have a great sense of humor. And are a lot of fun to be around. Most everyone I work with are easy to get along with and make work tolerable. Weather you like your job or not. We all have a good time (at least I do).

Needless to say we did not get much work done, but we did get a lot of eating done.

I can only imagine what Carissa thinks of our Company. We spent most of they day eating and having fun. Even though we did squeezed some training in, it was mostly a fluff day.I must have said to her 10 billion times (I know I exaggerate) today was no representation of a normal work day. Shoot normally we only have 10 people in the office at any given time. Most of our staff work out of the office at a landfill working.

Bryan even got Tiffany to go for a ride on his "HARLEY". She was so excited, she turned red. It was great to see her so giddy.

So in closing Tiff, you had better come back for visits, and all of us will miss your cheery smile greeting us every day.


****** Carissa Anne ****** said...

Holy Cow! Didn't know you were gonna use my photo ONLINE! Does that mean anything if I didn't sign something :) Hey, last night I caught a clip of a movie and saw this actress that made me stop and have to think, was that my new future supervisor???? You SO look like Jami Gertz!

****** Carissa Anne ****** said...

URGENT NEWS! It's Friday night and my sister AND brother are in town so we're getting some of our friends together for karaoke tonight, wanna join us?!!! We'll be at American Heroes in O'Fallon. It's on the South Service Road between Bryan Road and O'Fallon. Bring your friends and family! Call if you want to. Or email me!