Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Another Home Project Finally Completed

Another home project started and completed. First off following is a picture of the completed bedroom remodel we started at Easter. I clean forgot to post it after we finished it back in May. I guess getting spanked about writing about only our projects got me a bit brain frazzled. Not to mention the fact that cleaning up after MD and one of his projects is a chore in itself, AND Felicia came home from school, and the other two were getting ready to get out of school for the summer. So much to do so little time. So here is the finished room. I actually have pictures on the walls now and a large rug in front of the bed. But pretty much it is all DONE.
MD has since started doing another basement in the neighborhood as soon as he finished our room. But I did get him for a weekend to do a little yard project. We finished the back yard landscape, it has been a couple of years in the works. We decided it was finally time to finish.
MD thinks he was being funny. But I really did not want to be sprayed with the hose so I had to move. This was his way to say "stop taking pictures and help me".

But we got it all done and still had time to swim with RD & CD.
They brought their babies to play with ours. They had so much fun.

Little Wienies running all over the yard.
Stayed tuned for our next project………………

Taking the siding off the front of the house and putting up stone. That should be an interesting task.

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