Saturday, July 19, 2008

My Baby Is Home

My baby left me for two weeks! She went to a Girl Scout Camp about a hour from home.
She has been attending some sort of camp for the last 3 plus years and always has a great time. But I have missed her terribly.
But she still goes no where without her yellow bear. And God help us if it is left anywhere.
When we flew to New York to visit family, that little item was the most important piece of luggage we had. We could loose anything else but Yellow Bear.
She likes meeting new people and this is one safe way to do it.
She always goes with her best friend Courtney. Mikayla feels safer meeting new people and going new places as long as she has her friend with her.

Mikayla is a self proclaimed outdoor girl. She loves being outside. That is as long as she has friends with her, lone walks outside are not her cup of tea.

She has attended the same horse camp now for the last two years. She complains about all the work she has to do get ready for a short ride. I do believe this little suburbanite has no idea what it means to be a county girl.

She does love animals though. She even brought home pictures of the humongous spiders she found.

MD insisted that I go buy her mosquito netting for her tent. Mikayla was absolutely against it after I got it up. She said it was totally not what she thought it was.

One of the first questions I asked her when I picked her up was if she used the netting. There was a unanimous YES from the back seat. She & Courtney both were very glad that they had the netting.

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