Wednesday, July 09, 2008

My Kids vs When I was a Kid

Despite the four computers in our house, 4 video game systems, an abundance of books, toys, puzzles, games, and 8 televisions, my two youngest (mind you they are 12 and 14) still complains of being bored.
Really? Because when I was a kid, all we had to play with was dirt and each other. And I never remember being board (except on long car trips when my sister and I would fight). We seem to always be doing/getting into something.
"Mom, I'm boooooooored!"
This is the response most often heard when we will not allow them on the internet. Go read a book I say, of course the response I get is that is boring or I do not want to.
I do not get kids today. Swimming is even boring!
God help their kids, what will they do?

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