Thursday, July 03, 2008


I am once again on vacation! Just doing things around the house and yard. MD said that we were going to spend the day together Tuesday and Wednesday. I thought that meant roaming around different stores and having lunch together.

Well Mr. Romantic Sweetheart had other plans. I just wished I had known, I would have totally dressed different. But then I guess it would not have been a surprise, hu?

We first went to the Ameristar Casino for a little bit of gambling. Then to their buffet for lunch. I thought that we would go back for some more gambling (we were ahead at this point), but he leads me to and through the hotel to the Spa and surprised me with a one hour full body MASSAGE with HOT ROCKS. Now if you have never had a massage I highly recommend it they feel great, then throw in some hot rocks, WOW that felt really good. I never thought getting massaged with rocks would feel good, but it did! I told MD that he needed to get a message so he got his feet done.

Then after that was done I thought we would go gamble more, and once again he lead me a different direction. Up the elevator to the 24th floor to room 2412 and says to me here is your room for the night! Sneaky dog, he had Felicia pack a bag for me the night before, and he stuck it into the trunk of the car so I would not know what was going on. We go in and we have a view of the river (which is cresting 38 feet above flood stage) which was a pretty cool view. The room is huge and of course they have it freezing so we adjust the air a plop on the bed. Yes this picture is what our room looked like (I of course did not have my camera with me, so unprepared for surprises am I). MD fell in love with the bathroom

Yep, this was our bathroom. He is now thinking of doing our bathroom floor similar to this one. I am not so sure just yet.

Now that we have acquainted ourselves with the room and view (man I wish I had my camera), we went back down to Casino level and MD had dinner reservations at the 47 Port Street Grill. Good food, expensive, but good. It was really nice to spend time just with MD. Sometimes I forget that we do have things in common other than the kids. It was nice to see that we could go out just the two of us and have plenty to talk about other than the kids.
THEN, we went to gamble some more, we should have stayed in our room this time. The card gods were not nice this time. It would have been a lot easier loosing the money if the other players were not such dead lumps. I mean no personality, no fun, no joking around. Usually everyone is laughing, having fun, even if they are loosing. But I guess Tuesday nights are not for fun people. Anyway before we know it its 11pm so we leave, call the kids (we knew they would be up) and went to our room.
Wednesday morning we went to breakfast, and we even sat on the same side of the booth. MD can be soooooooooo cute some times, like if we were just dating all over again. Hard to explain, but great to feel. Then we went and gambled some more. MD won some of our losings back from the night before. But I again did not help, which is weird, because I am usually the one who does the winning. I guess weekends are when I do well, historically I do not do well during the week.
All in all we had an EXCELLENT time, and MD once again gave me bragging rights to having the best husband around! Thanks honey I had a wonderful time.

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