Sunday, August 10, 2008

New Homefront on the Horizon

Well MD went and did it! We will be getting new stone and brick on the front of the house.......IN OCTOBER!No this is not our hosue. But kind of what we want to do using brick and stone.

We have decided that we will not be doing it ourselves, with a little research we have found that what we wanted (Stacker Stone) to do is NOT something good to do in Missouri. Several Brick people have told us we will be replacing the stone in about 5 years. Of course because of our wacky weather . In addition, we got on line found stones and brick we liked, got bids.............OMG the shock to my penny pinching brain! It would actually only cost us $1,000 more for a professional to do it AND use real brick and stone! Oh yea and it will be done in two - three days. I know for a fact that it would take longer for us to do it ourselves.

Now with that said, MD decided to get the ENTIRE front of the house done, instead of just the porch and garage. On the first floor the main part will be done in brick with stone around the windos, door and garage. Then on the second floor the mail part will be the stone with brick around the windows. I have no idea what the mailbox will look like.

We are going to do some of the prep work which of course gets our cost down, plus paying cash almost takes $2,000 off the price. That my penny pinching brain did like.

Joe (the brick guy as he is referred to by MD) also threw in doing the mailbox to match the house. Cool.


Huse Blog is it Anyway? said...

oh, that's going to be GORGEOUS!!

Huse Blog is it Anyway? said...

Are you seriously in Dardenne Prairie? You know I'm from St. Louis, right? St. Peters, actually.

mdx3mom said...

St. Peters is where I grew up and is only 10-15 minutes from me!

WOW small world.

Huse Blog is it Anyway? said...

Shut the front door! Are you serious?

Email me, so I can ask you all the typical "where'd you go to high school" questions! :-)

Anonymous said...

Seriously, how in the heck do you have so much money to be constantly pumping it into your house? And can I have some of it :)

mdx3mom said...

Well we really do not have that much money to pour into the house as one would think. But we do not go away on vacations, we vacation in our back yard.

Also MD does construction on the side which pays for all of our projects around the house. But in turn I have to do all the house stuff and he is never home to do them (like mow the yard and such).

Michelle said...

I've always love brick and stone on a house! You'll have to post pictures when it's done.